My SBL Schedule, So Far

I’ve given the program guide the once over and this is what I’m attending for certain:

Friday– Arrive 1 p.m.

9-11:30, John, Jesus and History (s19-126)
4-6:30, Bloggers Section (s19-314)

9-11:30, Rhetoric and the NT (s20-137a)
1-3:30, John, Jesus and History (s20-230)
7-8:30, Oxford University Reception (m20-403)

9-11:30, Current Historiography and Ancient Israel and Judah (s21-115)
4-6:15, Dtr. History Section (s21-310)
6:30- Dinner with friends
9, Sheffield/ Phoenix Reception (m21-402)

Tuesday– Depart 7 a.m.

If you have suggestions that lie outside those time frames let me know.  I’m interested in just about everything except fad stuff.