Apparently I’ve Been to Canada

I must have had another blackout because I don’t remember it, but it sure sounds like something I’d do and the artists rendering pretty much has me pegged…

A fight in a church on Sunday afternoon left a man with a minor stab wound. “It was an altercation that occurred in the St. Mary’s church and then an individual was stabbed in the leg,” said duty inspector Darren Cave. It happened in the 200 block of 18th Avenue S.W. Police officers circulating in the area apprehended a man that matched the description of the suspect and took him into custody. No charges have been laid, but visiting Pastor Jim West has been remanded in custody. Police say the suspect was ranting about heretics, depravity, and having to make a worshipper remove his cowboy hat.

Sure sounds like me.  Go see the sketch.


2 thoughts on “Apparently I’ve Been to Canada

  1. Michael Acidri 12 Sep 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Hee hee! (chuckle) Goodsketch of the accused!!


  2. Doug 12 Sep 2011 at 4:31 pm

    I kinda knew it would end like this. 🙂


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