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Who Violates the Third Commandment?

Statue of Martin Luther in Prenzlau in Branden...

You remember, the one that says ‘remember the Sabbath, to keep it holy’?  Martin Luther answers

Whoever does not listen to God’s word or try to understand it.
Whoever does not offer prayer to God.
Whoever does not regard all he does as God’s work.
Whoever, in all he does and endures, does not quietly allow God to do with him as he pleases.
Whoever does not help the other person do all this and does not restrain him from doing otherwise.

Swimming? In a Lake? I Don’t Think So

A Kansas resident died last week from what was likely a rare infection by a brain-eating amoeba, after swimming in a lake in August, according to state health officials.  It is the fourth death this summer linked to the parasite, which is found in stagnant warm water.  The person likely picked up the infection while swimming in Winfield City Lake in Cowley County, ABC affiliate KAKE-TV in Wichita reported..  The Sedgwick County resident entered the hospital on Aug. 19 with headaches and developed breathing problems, and died five days later, according to the Kansas City Star reported.

Very, very sad.  And also a very good warning against swimming in stagnant water.

I Love This Commercial

Need More Evidence of the Heretical Nature of ‘Emergent’ ‘Christianity’?

Here you go.  Here’s one emergent’s vision of what worship ought to look like:

  • Services designed to be user-friendly and contemporary must change to services that are designed to be experiential and spiritual-mystical.
  • Stained-glass that was taken out of churches and replaced with video screens should now be brought back into the church on video screens.
  • Lit up and cheery sanctuaries need to be darkened because darkness is valued and displays a sense of spirituality.
  • The focal point of the service that was the sermon must be changed so that the focal point of the service is a holistic experience.
  • Use of modern technology that was used to communicate with a contemporary flare must change so that church attendees can experience the ancient and mystical (and use technology to do so).

The ideology of idolatrous and heretical  ’emergent’ ‘christianity’ is anti-God pro-anthropocentrism. For emergents, worship isn’t about God, it’s about you.

But that’s exactly backwards. Worship, true worship, isn’t about you, it’s about God. The emergent movement is old heresy in new clothing.  For emergents, culture replaces Christ and self replaces the Holy Spirit.

Online Life: An Observation

I don’t trust anyone who brags about not having a tv or a phone but who is online on facebook or twitter…

Things Worth Rejecting: Or, If You Can Get them in Church with a Hotdog, Satan Can Get them out with a Hamburger

Unlike the deceivers in Corinth who were more than happy to do whatever they had to do in order to gain a following, Paul writes

Instead, we reject secrecy and shameful actions. We don’t use deception, and we don’t tamper with God’s word. Instead, we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience in the sight of God by the public announcement of the truth. (2 Cor 4:2).

Because, let’s face it, if you can get them in with a hotdog, Satan can get them out with a hamburger. Those who ‘show up’ simply to ‘get’ can be bribed in, but they can’t be bribed into faithful discipleship.  So, with Paul, we* don’t use deception** and we don’t tamper with God’s word just to make it suit the hearer.  We tell the truth.  And we reject any manipulation or bribery of every sort because such manipulation or bribery is a denial of the very power of the Gospel itself.

So we won’t sell the Gospel for a hotdog or a hamburger.  But we will give it freely to all who wish it.

[* Theologians of the Cross]
[** theologians of ‘glory’]

Zwingli for Today

“For God’s sake, do not put yourself at odds with the Word of God. For truly it will persist as surely as the Rhine follows its course. One can perhaps dam it up for awhile, but it is impossible to stop it.” — Huldrych Zwingli

Total Depravity: The Family That Dragged a Dead Teen Outside…

In order to cover up their extreme animal hoarding

The mother of a 14-year-old boy who died Thursday is under investigation after police found more than 200 animals in their squalid suburban Chicago home.

Neighbors of the Berwyn, Illinois family told NBC Chicago 14-year-old Matthew Degner’s lifeless body was dragged outside by family members Thursday, who presumably hoped that authorities would not look inside the home. Police did, however, and were horrified by what they found.

“Our animal control officers who have been in some pretty horrific and disgusting environments said this home was easily the worst they’ve been in,’’ sheriff’s spokesman Steve Patterson told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Degner was pronounced dead at MacNeal Hospital Thursday afternoon. An autopsy showed that he died from bronchopneumonia.

Unspeakably evil.

Thank You, God, for Johann Christian Bach

Video of the Senseless Attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo

Al Arabiya has it.

Today Was Family Photo Day

We all went to the in-laws house (Doris’ parents) and had our pictures made after breakfast.  You know, the nuclear family and then the entire group, etc.  Below, it’s me and my nephew’s two boys (he has three but the baby was eating) taken by Rachel with her iPhone.  They’re great little kids and since I only get to see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas it was fun hanging out with them.

IOSOT 2013 Conference at Munich

The website for the 2013 IOSOT has gone live-  dr Christoph Levin (the President of the IOSOT) writes

As president of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament (IOSOT), I am very pleased to invite you to the 21st congress of our organization, which will take place at Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, 4-9 August 2013.

Since IOSOT’s founding in 1950 in Leiden, an international Old Testament conference has been held every three years at some of the leading European universities: Copenhagen 1953; Strasbourg 1956; Oxford 1959; Bonn 1962; Geneva 1965; Rome 1968; Uppsala 1971; Edinburgh 1974; Göttingen 1977; Vienna 1980; Salamanca 1983; Jerusalem 1986; Leuven 1989; Paris 1992; Cambridge 1995; Oslo 1998; Basel 2001; Leiden 2004; Ljubljana 2007; Helsinki 2010.

In 2013, the congress will be held for the third time in Germany, after Bonn in 1962 with Martin Noth as president and Göttingen in 1977 with Walther Zimmerli.


The date of the congress has been chosen to coordinate with the international meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, which will take place 7-11 July 2013 in St. Andrews, Scotland, and with the World Congress of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem from 28 July to 1 August 2013.

The congress will include 15 main lectures, given by renowned colleagues from all over the world who have not spoken previously at an IOSOT conference. The afternoons will be reserved for short presentations, for which presenters can register on our website. Papers can be offered in the three congress languages: English, German, and French. In addition, there will be workshops on the current work of scholarly editions of the Hebrew Bible (Hebrew University Bible Project, Biblia Hebraica Quinta, Oxford Hebrew Bible Project) and on the debate about aniconic worship. An evening lecture will be dedicated to the Archaeology of the Holy Land. Receptions will be held on other evenings, which will offer opportunities to meet and exchange ideas. The traditional excursion will be a boat trip on Lake Starnberg, taking in one the most beautiful landscapes of Upper Bavaria. Additionally, in Munich, a special exhibit related to Old Testament themes in ancient paintings will be held in the Alte Pinakothek. The Bavarian State Library will exhibit important manuscripts from the field of the Hebrew Bible. Also of great interest to the congress participants, the Bavarian Egyptian Museum will present its 2013 collection in its new environs.

IOSOT, in Munich…  Now that sounds like worth saving up for.

The Arizona Emergents have Taken Emergent Practice to its Logical Conclusion…

And turned their ‘church‘ into a brothel.

A church called the Phoenix Goddess Temple has been accused of being a house of prostitution, and a six-month undercover investigation has resulted in the arrests of 20 women and men who worked there, Phoenix police said Friday.

Authorities are still searching for 17 more people — all of whom have been indicted — in connection with the prostitution enterprise, said Sgt. Steve Martos, a Phoenix police spokesman. The 20 people arrested so far have been charged with prostitution or other offenses, police said.

During a Wednesday search of the Phoenix temple and two church-related sites in nearby Sedona, police seized evidence showing that “male and female ‘practitioners’ working a t the Temple were performing sexual acts in exchange for monetary ‘donations,’ all on the pretense of providing ‘neo tantric’ healing therapies,” Phoenix police said.

Yup, sounds very Emergent.

Quote of the Day

Talking to the voices in your head is OK, arguing with them is just fine! But when you get left out of the conversation, that is when you must seek help. – Devona Adkins