Mel Gibson is Going to do to Judas Maccabeus What he did to Jesus

That is, make a bloody, gory, film about him (no doubt, since all Gibson’s films share one common characteristic- they flow with blood and guts).

Of all the filmmakers you might expect to make a film about Jewish hero Judah Maccabee, Mel Gibson is probably not at the top of the list. So consider this a Hannukah surprise.   Deadline broke the news that Gibson and Warner Bros. are teaming on a film about the hero who led a small band of Jews against mighty Seleucids armies and, among other things, liberated Jerusalem. Gibson will produce the picture, and potentially direct, too.

Let the misrepresentation of historical fact commence.  With thanks to Jim Aitken for pointing it out to me.



  1. Last night saw Gibson’s movie the “Beaver” – actually quite good and no blood and guts


  2. having worked on the books of Maccabees, I guess that Gibon is the right man to shot this movie: blood floods, rethoric and action are well teamed, as well as heroes and villains do. francesco bianchi


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