If You’re Trusting the ‘Cloud’ With Your Files… Well It’s Not Very Bright of You

Millions of users of Hotmail and other Microsoft services worldwide were unable to access their online accounts this morning after the firm’s “cloud” suffered a major technical failure.

Uploading stuff to some server somewhere without having a copy locally is just begging for trouble. Besides, who knows how long before ‘Cloud’ services start charging you to access your own material! Clouds are for dust particles and driblets of moisture, not for data or files or things that matter.

Microsoft said the cause appeared to be related to the Domain Name System, the computer network that ensures that web addresses are connected to websites. “Preliminary root cause suggests a DNS issue,” the firm said on its office 365 Twitter feed. The problems lasted for at least two-and-a-half hours, beginning at around 4AM British Summer Time.

Yeah, go ahead and upload to the ‘Cloud’. I’ll keep my stuff locally, and backed up.  In God I trust, not remote servers.

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