More About the ‘Reformation Commentary on Scripture’

I’ve mentioned before the fascinating new series from IVP Academic titled the Reformation Commentary on Scripture.  Today in the mail a ‘sampler’ arrived:

It contains a general introduction and a short introduction to Galatians and Ephesians and then the ‘Preface’ to Galatians-

As you can see (just enlarge the photo) remarks by Erasmus, Luther, Tyndale, and Bullinger are repeated.  Next, the sampler includes a look at 2:11-14 and Luther, Sarcerius, Brenz,, Calvin, Maior, Gwalther, Olevianus, Bullinger, Perkins, and others are cited, as relevant, verse by verse.

It looks a really remarkable resource- bringing the Reformers (well known and little known and hardly known and unknown) to your study in conversation with the text and, I’d say, with the reader.  I’m even more keen to have the volumes as they appear now.