IMPORTANT Privacy Issue for Facebook Users

Please note the following:

Facebook recently unveiled the most dramatic updates to its privacy settings in a year. Out of all of them, there’s one new feature that you really must turn on as soon as it becomes available to you: profile review.

Here’s how to activate profile review.

1. Click on “account” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, then click on “privacy settings.”
2. Next to “how tags work,” click “edit settings.”
3. Within the “how tags work” pop-up, click “edit” next to “profile review.”
4. In the next pop-up, click “turn on profile review.”

Now, whenever you are tagged in a photo or a post, you’ll have to approve it before it appears on in your news feed or your wall.

With thanks to Alastair on the G+ for pointing this out.  I’ve adjusted my settings.  Now, before someone can tag me in an unflattering photo, I’ll have to approve it.

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One thought on “IMPORTANT Privacy Issue for Facebook Users

  1. Michael Acidri 8 Sep 2011 at 7:21 am

    Grrr…now i wont get away with tagging you to that furless kitteh cat!


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