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A Legitimate Threat, And Gallows Humor

Doubtless you’ve heard that there’s evidence that three persons have entered the country and may have plotted to attack a target in DC or NYC on 9/11.  In response to that fact, one of our local TV persons has tweeted … Continue reading

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Sir, Pass the President’s jobs bill.  Just pass it.  Don’t give excuses as to why you can’t. Vote for it or rest assured, we will not be voting for you. Jim

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Conference Announcement:Text History of the Hebrew Bible (Nebi’im) Between the 4th and 1st Centuries BCE: Multiplicity of Text Types and/or Hierarchy among Them?

International Symposium – November 4th-5th 2011  — Text History of the Hebrew Bible (Nebi’im) Between the 4th and 1st Centuries BCE: Multiplicity of Text Types and/or Hierarchy among Them? University of Fribourg, Miséricorde – Room 3120 (nov. 4th) and 3024 … Continue reading

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Good Grief Google

Google Plus has given me more invites to pass out.  Now I have 130.  Please, take them.  Having invites to Google Plus sitting on my account is like having credit at Amazon.com for books – I’ve got to get rid … Continue reading

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Look, Be Honest, Reading One Short Book Doesn’t Make You an Expert

Here’s a thought- and a brief observation:  reading one or two books on Zwingli or the Bible doesn’t make you an expert and your opinion worth hearing.   But if you insist of pretending expertise, don’t be shocked if you’re justly … Continue reading

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Courtesy Joe Zias: Photos and a Radio Interview Concerning the ‘Lead Codices’

I asked, Joe sent these photos and this radio interview (which is VERY much worth hearing): The objects are officially debunked and if you want your own you can go buy your own at any bazaar in Jordan.  Maybe then … Continue reading

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Ben Roethlisberger is the Worst Thing to Happen to Christianity since Todd Bentley

Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration.  But not much of one.  And neither is this delightful news-clip from The Onion Sports Network.  (HT Tom Verenna on the FB).

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More on Widening the Definition of NT Studies (via Sheffield Biblical Studies)

James addresses the issue again. Nice job it is too. I want, in part, to respond to Larry Hurtado’s latest discussion of the whole language debate, partly because he interacts with my earlier post and partly to develop ideas about … Continue reading

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Michael Licona Responds to the Accusations of Norman Geisler

In a note on Facebook, Michael writes Norman Geisler has taken issue with a portion of my recent book, The Resurrection of Jesus: A New Historiographical Approach, in which I proposed that the story of the raised saints in Matthew … Continue reading

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When You Dress Your Daughter Up Like a Hooker…

Don’t be overly shocked… well you know. Wendy Dickey, the mom whose 3-year-old daughter wore a hooker getup for a Pretty Woman routine on Toddlers & Tiaras, defended her costume choices to TMZ, saying the child-size sex worker ensemble is … Continue reading

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5 Reasons Paper Books are Better than E-Books

Read them for yourself.  And then take that e-reader and put it in the closet.  With thanks to Elaine Reid for the heads up.

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More About the ‘Reformation Commentary on Scripture’

I’ve mentioned before the fascinating new series from IVP Academic titled the Reformation Commentary on Scripture.  Today in the mail a ‘sampler’ arrived: It contains a general introduction and a short introduction to Galatians and Ephesians and then the ‘Preface’ … Continue reading

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Tossing the Belgic Confession over the Wall

On the night of November 1 and 2 in 1561, Guido de Brès threw a specimen of the Dutch Profession of Faith (Confessio Belgica) over the castle wall at Doornik. The Theological University of Kampen will commemorate that event on … Continue reading

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Very Sad News: The Founder of the ‘Gutenberg Project’, Michael Stern Hart, Has Died

From Zurich, Der Pionier der Buch-Digitalisierung und Gründer des Projekts Gutenberg, Michael Stern Hart, ist im Alter von 64 Jahren gestorben. Der Schriftsteller starb am Dienstag in seinem Haus in der Stadt Urbana im US-Staat Illinois, wie das Projekt Gutenberg … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT Privacy Issue for Facebook Users

Please note the following: Facebook recently unveiled the most dramatic updates to its privacy settings in a year. Out of all of them, there’s one new feature that you really must turn on as soon as it becomes available to … Continue reading

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Mr Bloomberg, If You Don’t Want Clerics Now…

I have some idea of what to say but I’m trying something new…  though you’re tempting me to speak my mind… New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is banning clergy-led prayer at this weekend’s events marking the tenth anniversary of the … Continue reading

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Mazar in Melbourne

Louise Hitchcock writes on the Facebook- An exciting public lecture is scheduled for Monday 19 September at Melbourne Uni, to be delivered by one of Israel’s foremost archaeologists, Prof Amihai Mazar, who will be talking on the fascinating subject of … Continue reading

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Finkelstein v. Garfinkel: The ‘Ir David’ Smackdown

I’d love to be there for this: Under the auspices of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, the Israel Antiquities Authority, the Elad organization, and leading archaeologists, excavations take place year round in the City of David and vicinity, with … Continue reading

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