What’s A 12 Year Old Doing With Pictures of Herself Like That? Where Are Her Parents?

Are they the disengaged sort who don’t check in on (read stalk, if necessary) their child online?

A Northern Ireland man is suing the company, claiming that Facebook is “guilty of negligence” and had created “a risk of sexual and physical harm” after his 12-year-old daughter uploaded provocative pictures to her page, according to the BBC. Perhaps more importantly, the father is also upset because of his daughter’s age.  While Facebook maintains a policy of verifying that users are over 13, there are no checks in place to make sure they’re telling the truth. At the time the lawsuit was filed, Digital Trends reported, the girl’s father claimed that Facebook had not yet removed the girl’s profile.

Honestly, instead of suing Facebook for the deceptions of his daughter, this guy needs to sue himself.  And his daughter needs to learn the consequences of uploading such smut by suffering the same fate any person who uploads child porn does.