Rick Perry is, Literally, an Idiot

Today 9:43 PM Perry Over His Head On Climate Change

Rick Perry just bought the farm on climate change. He came off as dangerously in over his head. He said that despite the fact that most credible scientists think that human activity has something to do with climate change, he was not convinced.

“Galileo was outnumbered for a spell!” he declared. He got the analogy exactly wrong. Galileo was the scientist; the church and its allies, who knew nothing about the scientific method, were lined up against him. He never answered the question about which scientists he had consulted. He suddenly looked like the guy Karl Rove says he is, “a guy who only cares about soundbites.”

And people will vote for him… because some people embrace ignorance.  Look how many times Texas has…

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One thought on “Rick Perry is, Literally, an Idiot

  1. wken 7 Sep 2011 at 10:14 pm

    I seem to recall a member of the Texas Board of Education saying of climate change that someone has to stand up to all of the experts … which should indicate a big part of what’s wrong with Texas.


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