Applebee’s: Whatever Happened to ‘The Land of the Free’?

I’m authentically annoyed by the action of Applebee’s and I’m going to let them know it.  And, I’m offended by their decision.  What right do they have to insist that one of their employes either drop facebook or lose his job?

An Applebee’s worker may be fired if he refuses to sign an agreement that bars employees from making negative comments about the workplace on Facebook.  “I was pretty much told it was going to come to a point where I was probably going to have to sign it or be let go,” said 36-year-old Jason Cook of Federal Way, Wash.  Cook has worked for Applebee’s for three years and has no complaints against his employer. But he’s concerned the policy would limit his self-expression. He shared those concerns in status updates on the social networking Website.

More and more companies are doing this kind of thing and they all deserve to be asked a question:  what are they afraid of?  What secrets don’t they want let out?  Are they industrial secrets?  Are they worried that spies will disclose their recipes?

Employees aren’t slaves and they don’t belong body soul and mind to their employers.  When did America cease to be the land of the free?  What people do with their own time is their own business and corporations have no right to act otherwise.

Anyway, I like Applebee’s but I won’t be going back until they rescind their idiotic requirement.


One thought on “Applebee’s: Whatever Happened to ‘The Land of the Free’?

  1. Chuck Grantham 7 Sep 2011 at 2:45 pm

    My response is always “I have to spent forty hours at this place. The last thing I want to do is even think about the workplace off the clock.”

    That being said, I did post a semi-famous article on the senselessness of a fellow getting killed at a Black Friday opening.

    And I promise, they’ll pry the secret of the squiggly from my cold dead brain.


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