A Brief Interview With John Calvin: On ‘Emergent Christianity’

John Calvin

glaring at the silly emergents

I was chatting with Calvin earlier today (no, really, we chat all the time, he and Luther and Zwingli and I are always on G+. No, Really!) and I just happened to ask him

JW: John, what do they think of the Emergent Church up in God’s Presence?

JC: To be frank, if I might quote myself, mutatis mutandis

If they are [true] churches, the power of the keys belongs to them;  [but in fact] the keys are inseparably connected with the word which they have put to flight.

Again, if they are churches, they can claim the promise of Christ, “Whatsoever ye bind,” &c.; whereas, on the contrary, they discard from their communion all who sincerely profess themselves the servants of Christ.

[But if they are right], either the promise of Christ is vain, or in this respect, at least, they are not churches. In fine, instead of the ministry of the word, they have schools of impiety, and sinks of all kinds of error (Inst. IV.II.10).

JW: That’s rather blunt.  ‘Schools of impiety and sinks of all kinds of error’?  Sure, it’s true, but blunt.

JC: What did you expect?

JW:  My bad.  Anyway, ttyl (and tell the other two hi).

JC: Will do.  Ciao.

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      he is isnt he!


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    lol, very good.


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    You and Mark Driscoll need to take your act on the road. 😛


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