The Worst Uniform Ever, Anywhere, for Anything

Maryland, you should be ashamed.  And your designer (Joel Watts??) should be fired, and exiled.

But it does suggest a new U Maryland motto:

Maryland: combining confusion and ugliness.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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3 Responses to The Worst Uniform Ever, Anywhere, for Anything

  1. somerville61 says:

    Maybe Maryland’s coaches are hoping the two different looks, when seen from left or right will confuse opposing players – make them unsure about who they are supposed to hit. 8<)

    The patterns come from the heraldic achievement of Lord Baltimore who funded the foundation of the colony of Maryland, and are today seen on the seal of the state.


  2. bobcargill says:

    i can’t tell if i hate them or love them. they’re different, and i love me some flags. it’s unique and no one else has anything like them.

    nike has turned oregon’s uniforms into a grab bag of good/bad: one week sleek and amazing, the next, a mid-80s neon nightmare.

    i like the idea of the state school integrating the flag into the uni. my problem has always been the maryland flag. but, if the baltimore ravens incorporate the flag/shield onto their unis and field, maybe it will catch on.


  3. Tony says:

    Gaudy and horrible! They look like court jesters!! Or a crash test dummies love child. TG for schools like Penn State, Texas, Notre Dame and Michigan that believe in tradition.


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