Does Anyone Care to Explain America’s Fascination With ‘Chaz Bono’?

What exactly has this person done?  Invented a better mousetrap?  Written a stunning novel?  Painted a brilliant portrait?  Cured cancer?  Is it really enough in America now to have a particular surgery to catapult persons who have done nothing to contribute to the betterment of society or humanity into the spotlight?

Are we, as a culture, so fixated on the idea of being famous that people are now famous just for being famous?  Have we really bought into the Paris Hilton lie?

If we have, and if ‘value’ and ‘importance’ are assigned to persons who do absolutely nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, then we really have become something none of us should or can admire as a nation.  We have become ‘Bono-ified’.  We’ve been chopped up and Frankenstein-ized.

No wonder, then, that the rest of the world just looks at us and gasps.

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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4 Responses to Does Anyone Care to Explain America’s Fascination With ‘Chaz Bono’?

  1. Gerard says:

    Is it because he is no longer a lesbian?


  2. somerville61 says:


    Is the fact that you have posted a comment about Chaz Bono not part of “America’s fascination”? Why did you bother? It only leads to more words about a non-entity.

    And please don’t think that only America does this. Every country I have lived in (6, not counting the US) has similar tabloid coverage of ‘personalities’ who have done nothing of note. It is part of the modern media dominated culture we live in.


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