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Tilling on Bultmann on History

Chris writes Bultmann’s essay, “Is Exegesis Without Presuppositions Possible?” is a very helpful essay for understanding Bultmann’s theology. You might imagine that the title question has one obvious response: “Of course not!”, but our man Bulty makes things much more … Continue reading

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British Schools are Breaking the Law, by Shunning Daily Christian Assemblies

Bet you didn’t know Christian assemblies were the law in British schools did you? Neither, apparently, do most British schools… The vast majority of schools are flouting the law by failing to stage a daily Christian assembly, research suggests. It’s … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Steve Wiggins!

Steve, of Sects and Violence fame is a new Religion editor at Routledge!  Congratulations to him, and Routledge. Now those of you wanting to publish in the field of religion know someone on the inside.

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It’s Been a Few Weeks…

So here are the long awaited, only authentic, blogger rankings (as tallied by the only realistic, impartial and godly methodology: Alexa. Zwinglius Redivivus – 3 month – 77,057 and 7 day – 87,512 JRD Kirk – 3 month – 284,075 … Continue reading

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The Tropical Depression that Moved in and Camped

The copious rain we’re presently experiencing in East Tennessee came up from Louisiana… so ’nuff said about that.  Anyway it’s rained and rained and I just checked our gauge and we have 4.2″ with more on the way. Thanks, Louisiana!  … Continue reading

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There Are Only Three Biblical Studies Carnivals Remaining

UPDATE:  JIM LINVILLE has volunteered to take the Carnival Ship Helm!  Thanks, Jim!  (and the rest of you owe him a big thanks too!) One scheduled for October 1, one for November 1, and one for December 1. Biblical Studies … Continue reading

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The French… There’s Something a Tad Wrong Over There

A Frenchman has been ordered to pay his ex-wife £8,500 in damages for failing to have enough sex with her during their marriage. I guess she’s more concerned for money than self respect. The 51-year-old man was fined under article … Continue reading

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Tolerance is Actually the Greatest Intolerable

For a secular godless age, there is one virtue we promulgate about ourselves at almost all opportunities: tolerance. Among the British values often celebrated by politicians is our capacity for tolerance. Schools are required to instil values of tolerance into … Continue reading

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The United States is in Decline, And We Have Only our Elected Officials to Blame

Rightly does the writer write The United States is facing major economic problems, and its politicians are unable – or unwilling – to solve them. And If the broad post-World War II prosperity that has endured for six decades comes … Continue reading

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An Update on The Samaritan Medal for Peace and Humanitarian and Academic Achievement

Word came down last week that Ingrid Hjelm of the University of Copenhagen would be awarded the Prize this year.  And she graciously writes with further details about the Medal- Dear Jim and others. Thank you very much. I don’t … Continue reading

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Refo500 and the 16th Century Society and Conference

From Refo500 Since July 2011, Refo500 became an affiliated partner with Sixteenth Century Society & Conference (SCSC). The SCSC is a yearly meeting of experts on the field of history and culture from the sixteenth century. The conference always takes … Continue reading

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Nick Clegg is Right About This: Parents Need to Realize Teachers Aren’t Surrogate Parents!

Parents need to do more to help teachers rather than expect them to be “surrogate mothers and fathers”, Nick Clegg will say today. I’m not a Clegg fan (in fact, he’s down there at the very bottom with Benjamin Netanyahu … Continue reading

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Are You One of those Sad People Who Can’t Spell?

Then you might not want to Facebook, since your egregious errors may end up in a collection like this.  And here are some of my favorites: It’s almost like Joel is every Facebooker!  With thanks to Dot King for tweeting … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Thugs who Duct Taped a Baby

An Orange County [Florida] family was terrorized in broad daylight Saturday as robbers put duct tape over a baby’s mouth and pistol whipped a mother and grandmother, Orange County deputies said. Deputies said the robbery was stopped thanks to an … Continue reading

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What Are the 10 ‘Happiest’ Careers?

If you look at the photos I doubt you’ll agree with most of them.  What loon makes up lists like this?  It must be someone who has never actually worked outside of a cubicle. Oh people… happiness isn’t external and … Continue reading

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Zwingli for the Day

If I see a thing was written from love of God and one’s neighbor, I overlook many errors … but I make two exceptions: Emser and Eck, for they are pests to the teachings of Christ.  Their own wanton recklessness … Continue reading

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Labor Day

If you’re in the States you know it’s Labor Day.  It’s one of those ‘holidays’ that’s simply an opportunity for banks and the post office to close and school kids to stay home so that they can play video games … Continue reading

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