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Congratulations, Cambridge University

Cambridge is a beautiful city and the University is made up of some of the very best colleges staffed by some of the very best Professors in the world.  So the first place ranking they’ve earned is well deserved.  Congratulations, … Continue reading

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Breaking News: A Newly Discovered Codex of the Gospel of Judas!!!

The Archaeological-Biblical Review is set to publish a newly discovered Codex of the Gospel of Judas which has been discovered in the hills of Elkington, WV. According to the essay, written Harry Spanks, the newly found Codex … dates from … Continue reading

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Any ‘Pastor’ Who Says that the Words ‘Saved’ and ‘Born Again’ Have no Place in the Church is a Damnable Heretic

Such a suggestion is grossly unscriptural.  Or has this ‘pastor’ never read ‘you must be born again’ or that we are ‘saved’ from the wrath to come by Christ?  These aren’t simply terms that have no value or meaning- they … Continue reading

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Luther And Drunkards

“Nobody doubts that the best age was before the Flood. Then men lived to an advanced age in great moderation, without drunkenness, war, and strife. They served only God and fellow-men, and in an admirable way they contemplated God’s heavenly … Continue reading

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A Beuatiful Symphonic Piece

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Life in a Cult: Or, Why Do People Follow Such Foolishness?

In a heartbreaking account, we learn of life in a cult and the victims of ungodly insanity. When Ria Ramkissoon’s spiritual mentor ordered her to deny food and water to her toddler son, she didn’t know what to think or … Continue reading

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Conference Report: The Aussie Bible Reader’s Annual Meeting

A friend from down under sends along news of the just completed ABRAM Conference.  Here are the highlights: A gaggle of beer guzzlers hit [town…] yesterday in a 10-hour drinking marathon, hoping to stumble their way into Guinness World Records. … Continue reading

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It’s Not A ‘Thinking Man’s Sport’:The Life and Times of Joel Watts and Mark Stevens

Standing in a pool full of 2-foot-long alligators, Jay Young Joel Watts starts teaching a class on gator wrestling.  “He who hesitates gets bit. Don’t think about it,” says Young Stevens (Watts’ co-worker), and owner of Colorado Gators. “Alligator wrestling … Continue reading

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Bob Cargill on the ‘Lead Codices’

Bob has some salient observations of his own worth reading. Tom Verenna has put together an excellent video setting forth much of the evidence that the so-called “Jordan Lead Codices” are, in fact, fakes. If you have not been following … Continue reading

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How The Tea Party can Avoid Hypocrisy

Christian Salafia has put it rightly when he notes If you belong to the teaparty, please feel free to forego Federal disaster relief for [Hurricane] Irene. You know, it really is the only way you can avoid the just charge … Continue reading

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Israel’s Treatment of Peaceful Protestors

Israel’s treatment of peaceful protestors doesn’t cause the US government any consternation and in fact the US has known about premeditated violence against peaceful folk before that violence happened US government officials have been well aware of Israel’s harsh methods … Continue reading

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James Crossley Reports on the British New Testament Conference

Right here. I especially liked this part- Whilst perusing the bookstalls, there just so happen to be a promotional talk by Wright on his New Testament for Everyone. To add to the strange coincidences, and this came as a real … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

Next Sunday I am going to put a bike helmet on Nathan for church, that way I don’t have to watch him so closely after the service! 🙂 — Mark Stevens [If you’re scratching your head trying to figure it … Continue reading

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Politicians and Their ‘Theology’: Manipulating a Gullible Public

Yahoo news has a nice essay on politicians and their faith.   I’ll just mention it and let you read it for yourself.  My reason for pointing it out is to take it as an opportunity to remind folk that politicians … Continue reading

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When Christians are told They Aren’t Allowed to Pray…

A Christian organisation has been ditched by a national charity for offering to pray for people with debt problems.  Christians Against Poverty (CAP) has been forced to leave AdviceUK, an umbrella group representing the interests of thousands of advice workers, … Continue reading

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