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אתם עם קשׁה ערף רגע אחד אעלה בקרבך וכליתיך

God Willing, This Will be the Last Time Anyone, Anywhere, Mentions These Feckless Codices

Tom has the latest barrage and a video is viewable here that Tom produced and which was examined by various and sundry for accuracy and content.

The Elkingtons need to throw in the towel and return to doing their space alien invader research and never again approach a biblical studies topic. Not only are they really dilettantish at it, but they just don’t have any clue at all concerning actual honest scholarship.

Anyway, the Good Lord willing, this will be the last anyone anywhere hears of these feckless lead codices (unless an actual scholar discovers something meaningful- but given the clearly bogus and fraudulent nature of the ‘find’ I just don’t see that happening).

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Written by Jim

September 3, 2011 at 11:59

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  1. […] know people like Mark Goodacre, James McGrath, and Jim West have already mentioned Tom Verenna’s video wherein he argues that the Jordan Lead Codices are […]

  2. No, I am not going to comment

    Robert Deutsch

    September 3, 2011 at 14:54

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