The Tale of the Spineless President and the Arrogant Speaker of the House

By now you’ve heard that the President asked Congress if he could speak to both Houses next week.  That’s proper protocol.  What isn’t proper, and what has never happened before, is that the Speaker said ‘no’, that’s not a good time for us.

So, in typical Obama style, he caved and said ‘ok then, I’ll do it Thursday’.

He should have insisted on doing it when he first planned.  Who cares if the Repub candidates are squabbling that night in a debate?  Is he the President of the entire Country or is he the servant of the Republican candidates?  These days it’s hard to tell, isn’t it.

And Boehner comes off no better.  Instead, he once more proves to one and all that he isn’t about getting things done, he’s all about just saying no.

The Congress and the White House are so worried about their political posturing that they would rather quibble than get their work done so Americans can get to work.  They are a loathesome and tiresome and really ridiculous and petty lot of do-nothings but seek re-electioners and I hope the rest of you have the sense God gave a worm and refuse to send them back to their jobs.

Pay attention: they don’t want you to have a job, so put them out of one.

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2 thoughts on “The Tale of the Spineless President and the Arrogant Speaker of the House

  1. Jon Hendry 1 Sep 2011 at 10:00 pm

    Since the debate schedule was probably known in advance, it’s like Obama sought out and *made* yet another opportunity to cave in. He could have avoided it altogether by starting with a different date.


  2. wken 2 Sep 2011 at 3:00 pm

    I have to agree with Jon, here. The WH made the first mistake.

    But the complete abandon of civility is disgusting, and the President’s lack of a spine troubles me.


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