Corporal Punishment in the Bible

William Webb confronts those often avoided biblical passages that call for the corporal punishment of children, slaves and wrongdoers. How should we understand and apply them today? Are we obligated to replicate those injunctions today? Or does the proper interpretation of them point in a different direction?

Webb notes that most of the Christian church is at best inconsistent in its application of these texts. But is there a legitimate basis for these lapses?

Building on the findings of his previous work, Women, Slaves and Homosexuals, Webb argues that the proper interpretation and application of these texts requires ascertaining their meaning within the ancient cultural/historical context. In recognizing the sweep of God’s redemptive purposes already evident in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, we remain truly biblical.

The nice folk at IVP Academic have sent along a review copy.  And here it is.


One thought on “Corporal Punishment in the Bible

  1. Stuart 31 Aug 2011 at 1:02 pm

    I must say that I look forward to reading your thoughts and reveiew on this one.

    Coming originally through the JW’s they used to always bang on about these sort of scriptures. I’m not sure they carried out corporal punishement in their homes, but because of the them these verses have always troubled me slightly.


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