Blah… Those Aren’t Real Rankings!

The voodoo continues and the ‘top 50 blogs’ are puffed out on the evil page here.  I’m not participating, as you know, because if Alexa was good enough for Jesus and Paul and Jeremiah and Moses and all the Saints and Apostles by golly it’s good enough for me!  So there!

Oh, and I’ve discovered through various detective sources, that this is how the new rankings on the voodoo system are selected…

Oh, and the final proof that the voodoo rankings are evil and inspired by the very pit of Todd Bentley-istic hell?  Peter Kirk likes them and they trust Wikipedia!  So there ya go.

4 thoughts on “Blah… Those Aren’t Real Rankings!

  1. Steve Caruso

    Like I said on the Google Huddle, it’s *Hoodoo* Jim, not Voodoo (even if you got the floaty 52 Tarot Pickup thing correct). Geez… 🙂

    (And by the way, you ranked #1 in internal Library hits, so you’re welcome for those 7,000 views this month you wouldn’t have had otherwise. 😉 )



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