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A Vocabulary List of Every Word in the Greek New Testament. Yes, Every Word

By frequency and alphabetically when the same frequency, by John Mark Harris.  Right here.  It’s very useful indeed!

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James Crossley’s New Soccer Uniform

I know, we tried to talk him out of it… but he’s a stubborn Yorkshire-ite.

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This Cannot Be Allowed to Stand

Cowards cowering behind anonymity (of course) in Israel have tried to stir up trouble for Jewish Christians. Stuart has the details: In an apparent infringement on personal privacy legislation and in defiance of laws preventing incitement, an anonymous group has … Continue reading

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Eric and Carol Meyers Answer Your Questions

Well that was fast. The video of the Duke Office Hours featuring Eric and Carol is already up! Or, you can watch it on Youtube!

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My Mentor

I just love this Vicar. He’s the only Anglican I really admire.

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Blah… Those Aren’t Real Rankings!

The voodoo continues and the ‘top 50 blogs’ are puffed out on the evil page here.  I’m not participating, as you know, because if Alexa was good enough for Jesus and Paul and Jeremiah and Moses and all the Saints … Continue reading

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If You Missed Eric and Carol Meyers on Duke’s Office Hours

If you missed the Duke Office Hours with Carol and Eric Meyers, it will be available soon: http://ondemand.duke.edu/ Look for it there. When it’s posted I’ll try to remember to send along the direct link.

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Book Recommendation

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In Memoriam Willi Marxsen

You may be unfamiliar with the work of Willi Marxsen but he was a quite influential scholar a few decades ago. His specialization was New Testament and he studied with some of the real giants in the field, becoming, in … Continue reading

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The Very Thorn From the Very Crown of Thorns Which Pierced Christ

Quite an informative little video. Thanks to Jim Aitken on the FB for pointing it out.

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What? People in PA Can Be Arrested For Stupidity?

I wish we had that law on the books here. Row, row, row your boat, just not down Main Street in Manayunk. That’s the message police are sending after arresting two men who used a raft as an alternate means … Continue reading

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Truly, Truly I Say To You…

A.W. Tozer was absolutely correct when he once observed – “Most Christians are satisfied living as common Christians, without an insatiable hunger for the deeper things of God.”   And that’s both sad and shameful.

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Synagogues in the Time of Jesus

Paul Flesher has a great essay at Bible and Interpretation titled What did a synagogue of Jesus’ time look like? The New Testament gospels contain stories of Jesus visiting synagogues in Galilee.   Sometimes he even he taught in them … Continue reading

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The Most Disgusting Thing Republicans Have Ever Done

While the Federal Election Commission meets today to sign off on a request from Rep. Gabrielle Giffords to use campaign money for security upgrades, there is a report that Republicans in her Arizona district are raffling off the same type … Continue reading

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Is Huntsman the Only Candidate That Doesn’t Think Like a Politician?

We have an economic crisis in this country. The marketplace is crying out for predictability, competitiveness and signs of confidence. Above all, people need jobs. There is no more urgent priority at this point in our nation’s history than creating … Continue reading

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An Interesting Fact About Irene

Dr. Greg Forbes: #Irene dumped 16 trillion gal. of water on the U.S. That would cover TX to depth of 3.4″.

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Corporal Punishment in the Bible

William Webb confronts those often avoided biblical passages that call for the corporal punishment of children, slaves and wrongdoers. How should we understand and apply them today? Are we obligated to replicate those injunctions today? Or does the proper interpretation … Continue reading

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With The Anniversary of 9/11 Approaching…

Here’s the passage that comes to mind: Jeremiah 18:1 Jeremiah received the LORD’s word: 2 Go down to the potter’s house, and I’ll give you instructions about what to do there. 3 So I went down to the potter’s house; … Continue reading

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The Tale of the Spineless President and the Arrogant Speaker of the House

By now you’ve heard that the President asked Congress if he could speak to both Houses next week.  That’s proper protocol.  What isn’t proper, and what has never happened before, is that the Speaker said ‘no’, that’s not a good … Continue reading

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The Really Ridiculous Children’s 9/11 Coloring Book

Judge for yourself the propriety of having a coloring book with images like this aimed to help ‘parents talk with their children’ about the events surrounding 9/11. Honestly, you have to be a bit sick to think that the death … Continue reading

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