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Some People Snub their Noses at Print On Demand…

But evidently they don’t realize (or care to realize) that some publishers, like Sage for example, actually charge scholars to publish- Get to know SAGE Open, SAGE’s new open-access publication of peer-reviewed, original research and review articles, spanning the full … Continue reading

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What Martin Luther and Emergents Look Like to Real Christians

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The Final Sign of the Apocalypse

The world isn’t about to end, it has ended and we’ve all been plunged into purgatory where, quite fittingly for purgatory, Glenn Beck will host a children’s show. It’s not Nick News, The Electric Company or even the Magic Treehouse. … Continue reading

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What is Prayer?

In the simplest terms, prayer is Binding our heart to God.  — Huldrych Zwingli Precisely.

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Did the Synagogue Save Judaism?

That’s the question Paul Flesher asks in a new essay at Bible and Interpretation.    Enjoy.

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If You Allow Anonymous Comments on Your Blog…

Remember this little tidbit from Dorothy King- “Do not argue with an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.” Anonymous Proverb

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And The Big Loser of the Week Award Goes To… Mark Bradford

The 46 year old man who tracked down the little kid who ‘killed’ him in Call of Duty… and attacked him…   And no, you can’t make this kind of stupidity up. Mark Bradford, 46, admitted he ‘just lost it’ after … Continue reading

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Look, I’ve Got No Quarrel With Bachmann’s Faith…

I’m glad of it.  Truly.  I wish every politician had deep, real, abiding, substantive faith.  I just don’t think she’s smart enough to be President.  That’s all. The leader of the House’s Tea Party Caucus said conservatives have to stand … Continue reading

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Syncretism: The Earliest Yet Christian Inscription and What it Suggests

Researchers have identified what is believed to be the world’s earliest surviving Christian inscription, shedding light on an ancient sect that followed the teachings of a second-century philosopher named Valentinus. And As translated by Snyder, the inscription reads: To my … Continue reading

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Luther’s 1534 Translation of the Bible

Isn’t it fantastic! It’s wonderfully illustrated and really quite a feat. I love it! (This is a facsimile in 2 volumes)

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The Latest Bibledex: ‘Choose Life’

Do watch. As always, a top notch piece of work.

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Sometimes the Truth Really Hurts

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‘With God on Our Side’

The DVD With God on Our Side commences with a quotation from Josh 5:13-14a, reminding us that God doesn’t take sides (in spite of Christian Zionism’s insane belief that he does).  [My asides in what follows are in brackets]. Content– … Continue reading

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I’m No Fan of Chris Christie…

But bringing up his weight?  As a political liability?  So why is weight-ism proper and racism isn’t? Whether or not he lets himself be persuaded to run for president, Chris Christie needs to find some way to lose weight. Like … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Knowledge of God comes before any particular blessing that we may desire from Him. The goal of all our seeking and all our worship and all our endeavour should not be to have a particular experience; it should not be … Continue reading

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Exactly How Ignorant is Michelle Bachmann?

This ignorant? Michelle Bachmann yesterday on Arab Spring: “Barack Obama has laid the table for an Arab Spring by demonstrating weakness.” What is she talking about?  How did Obama ‘lay the table’ for Arab uprisings against oppressive governments?  And if … Continue reading

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Afghanistan Can’t be Saved

The same primitive tribalism that existed before the Russians invaded still exists and as soon as US troops leave the country will devolve into civil war, again.  When the US leaves, Afghanistan will return to what it was before the … Continue reading

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Comparing and Contrasting Protestant and Catholic Preaching

In 1529 the artist Gerog Pencz (who didn’t believe in much of anything) produced a woodcut titled Zweierley predig which sets side by side the chief points of Evangelical and Catholic proclamation.  Click to enlarge fully so the script is … Continue reading

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Erasmus of Rotterdam

I’ve just discovered that many of the works of Erasmus of Rotterdam are being made available by Logos quite soon. The Desiderius Erasmus Collection (17 vols.) contains all of Erasmus’ major works and more. In Praise of Folly, one of … Continue reading

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Satan in the Flesh: The Photo


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