Prostitution is Never Appropriate, Ever

Vanessa, a prostitute from New York City, traveled thousands of miles to undergo surgery that would change her life forever — transforming her body, outwardly, from male to female.  “I’ve been transitioning since I was sixteen,” she told “Nightline” anchor Cynthia McFadden. “I don’t want to go back to that awkward little boy that was shy, and hid away from everybody.”  With surgery brings the promise of metamorphosis; the 19-year-old is getting a new nose, new jaw line and breast implants.  “The surgery is going to make me, I feel, blossom from a caterpillar to a butterfly,” she said.

In the meanwhile to achieve that goal he sold himself to one and all willing.  This isn’t a story of victory or ‘overcoming difficulties to actualize oneself’. it’s the story of yet another kid who learned somewhere along the way that he doesn’t matter and his body is a garbage dump that he can sell to the gross and disgusting for a pittance.  He’s simply another example of the ‘ends justify the means’ wickedness so common today.

So sad.  It’s just so sad.  Degrading oneself in such a way to achieve such a purpose…  appallingly sad.