An Early Fragment of 1 Corinthians

Peter Head announces

It seems that the Green Collection, in addition to the manuscript of Hebrews noted previously on this blog, is also in possession of a fragment of 1 Corinthians. According to a report on the Bethel web-site (found by a friendly sleuth), this is ‘a small fragment (ca. 1-3/4″ w. x 2-3/4″ h.) … (which) preserves portions of 1 Corinthians 8.10-9.3 & 9.27-10.6’.

Peter continues

Apparently a second-century date is being proposed, as it was for the Hebrews manuscript. [PMH: hmmm. I think I’ll wait for the photos.]

Good plan!  There’s more so go there to read it.

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