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I’ll Be Rooting For Goliath

Sorry, ‘David’, but the guy portraying you… well he’s just not likable. ‘The Rock’, on the other hand, is a quite likable guy.  And besides, anyone who played any part in the annoyance called ‘Twilight’ deserves a fatal beating… if … Continue reading

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The Most Bizarre Thing BAR has Ever Done

And BAR has done a lot of bizarre things over the years beginning with their idiotic witch-hunt of the so called ‘minimalists’ in the 90’s and continuing through their unimaginable advertising of antiquities authentic and bogus, provenanced and looted.  But … Continue reading

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Widespread Wartime Waste

Waste and fraud in Iraq and Afghanistan has cost U.S. taxpayers as much as $60 billion and the tally could grow, according to a government study released Wednesday. In its final report to Congress, the nonpartisan Commission on Wartime Contracting … Continue reading

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Marcion Redrawn

Bible and Interpretation has an essay from Sebastian Moll.  It summarizes Moll’s argument from a recent published monograph.

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Prostitution is Never Appropriate, Ever

Vanessa, a prostitute from New York City, traveled thousands of miles to undergo surgery that would change her life forever — transforming her body, outwardly, from male to female.  “I’ve been transitioning since I was sixteen,” she told “Nightline” anchor … Continue reading

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An Early Fragment of 1 Corinthians

Peter Head announces It seems that the Green Collection, in addition to the manuscript of Hebrews noted previously on this blog, is also in possession of a fragment of 1 Corinthians. According to a report on the Bethel web-site (found … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is the Big Day! The Meyers’ Webcast on Archaeology

You still have time to send along your questions. During a live, interactive “Office Hours” webcast Thursday, Sept. 1, at noon Eastern Time on the Duke Ustream channel, the Meyerses will answer your questions about their archeological work, Jewish history and … Continue reading

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Fox News is Especially Incompetent When it Comes to Biblical Stuff in the News

For instance their preposterous essay implying the Miriam Ossuary sheds new light on the death of Jesus.  What sort of idiot trusts their ‘fair and balanced’ ignorance? Rare inscriptions on a 2,000-year-old burial box may provide fresh insight to the … Continue reading

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Because the Revised English Bible Really is the Best English Translation

Jason is sure to find more ‘gems’! I’d not read the REB before. Having read a few comments here or there by Jim West and his adoration of this translation, I procured a copy and have only now begun to … Continue reading

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Learn Those Hebrew Prepositions the Natural Way

From Chris Heard, via BibleWorks on the Facebook.  It’s a handy chart, no English required.  Do be aware, though, that like all words, even prepositions require context in order to be interpreted correctly (as even prepositions can vary in meaning … Continue reading

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The Ghastly Fruit of Despair

The Washington Post is reporting Authorities say a Chicago man who quickly accelerated in an SUV with a cable around his neck decapitated himself after a domestic dispute in Yorktown, Va. Local media outlets said deputies with the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Chris Tilling Posts!!!!!

I couldn’t believe it either- but here it is!

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Hearers of the Word

We complain today that ministers do not know how to preach; but is it not equally true that our congregations do not know how to hear? ~ J.I Packer

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The ‘Dad’ Who Set up a Fight for His Son, and then Got in One Himself

Dimwittery: A father refereeing a street fight between his son and another teenager suddenly lost his cool and started fighting too, investigators said. Gary Johnson Jr. is an emergency room technician who is facing a long list of charges after … Continue reading

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