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Our Wretched System of Injustice

A Chicago man who has been arrested 99 times was sentenced to 18 months in prison Monday after allegedly going door-to-door with his 3-year-old daughter in suburban Riverside “looking for new victims to con.” Albert Luis Alvarez, 37, was arrested … Continue reading

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Mozart, Again, But Never Too Much

A beautiful movement-

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UPDATE: The Blogger Gift Give at SBL

Adrianna of IVP Academic writes “Being the social creature that I am, I’ve realized that simply having bibliobloggers come to the booth would not guarantee that I would have a chance to personally meet them. So instead, I will be … Continue reading

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A Handy Guide to Scholarly Editions of the Bible (via Εις Δοξαν)

Jason’s right- right useful stuff here. I received in the mail today, as I’m sure some of you have, a handy guide to the scholarly editions published by the German Bible Society. It’s a guide geared for first-year students, “who … Continue reading

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The Little Ingrate Who Sued Her Mother…

Because mom didn’t give her enough money for a homecoming dress… The dismissal of a lawsuit brought against a Barrington Hills mother by her two grown children who accused her of “bad mothering” was unanimously upheld by the First District … Continue reading

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More on the ‘Miriam Ossuary’, Or at Least Catching Up

An interesting piece which commences In Jerusalem and Judah, ancient limestone burial boxes containing skeletal remains — called ossuaries — are fairly common archaeological finds from the 1st century BCE to the 1st century AD period. Forgers have also added … Continue reading

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There are no Atheists in Heaven, Nor Among Listeners of Mozart’s Music

No one in the semblance of a right mind could deny the existence of God knowing the gift he gave to Mozart and through Mozart to us. No one.

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Even The Most Perverse Pedophiles Reap what they Sow

Warren Jeffs, the polygamous sect leader and convicted child rapist, is in a coma and may not survive, a source close to Jeffs tells ABC News.  Jeffs, 55, had been fasting for the past three days and became so weak that doctors at the … Continue reading

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Only In America…


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Tom’s Right, But Even More, Real Academics Don’t Peddle Fraud!

As Elkington and his ‘lead codices’ consortium is attempting to do. According to Elkington (bold and italicized), who we all know is the erudite, scholarly fellow (/sarcasm): Regarding the omission of academic postings on this site, it was set up … Continue reading

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Instead of Rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan, We Should Have Rebuilt the 9th Ward

It’s been 6 years since the city of New Orleans was deluged by Katrina and the poor neighborhoods are STILL in shambles.  And rather than rebuilding our own decimated cities, our dimwitted politicians are pouring money into foreign lands where … Continue reading

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Arsenal’s Butchering by Manchester United

Arsenal management feels so badly about the 8-2 stomping that they’re compensating Aresnal’s ticketholders! Arsenal have announced that they will offer to buy another away ticket for those fans who travelled to Old Trafford yesterday to watch their team lose 8-2 … Continue reading

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Thank You, Mark Stevens

Mark has been awfully kind and sent along an Amazon Gift-card which I’ve used to purchase this from my wishlist: Thanks, Mark!

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From the EABS secretary- Dear EABS members, After the successful meeting in Thessaloniki, we are turning our attention to next year’s EABS conference.  It will take place July 22-26 in Amsterdam together with the International Meeting of the Society of … Continue reading

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It Only Makes Sense: If You’re Going to Make a Film Set in Israel, Film it There

Israel is tired of Hollywood filming Jesus’ crucifixion in Italy and the Crusader invasion of the Holy Land in Morocco. So Israeli officials are promising better tax breaks, terror attack insurance and handouts of up to $400,000 to lure international … Continue reading

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De canone missae epichiresis

29 August 1523 was the publication date of Huldrych Zwingli’s De canone missae epichiresis.    Once the Zurich Disputation concluded questions arose as to the best way to implement the reform of the Mass.  Zwingli answered specific questions addressed to … Continue reading

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The Pregnancy Pact That Was and the Trash-ification of America

When schoolgirl Camille finds out that she is soon to become a young mother, she successfully persuades a group of friends in her small coastal town to join her in forming a 17-strong ‘pregnancy pact’. Desperate for bulging bellies, the … Continue reading

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Vermont Needs Noah

Some of the worst flooding in generations ravaged Vermont’s normally tranquil countryside early Monday, turning babbling brooks into raging rivers, knocking homes from their foundations and washing away at least one person. Residents fled to high ground as officials struggled … Continue reading

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