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Our Wretched System of Injustice

A Chicago man who has been arrested 99 times was sentenced to 18 months in prison Monday after allegedly going door-to-door with his 3-year-old daughter in suburban Riverside “looking for new victims to con.”

Albert Luis Alvarez, 37, was arrested on August 10 after Riverside residents called police about a “suspicious” man asking for money while pushing a stroller, the Chicago Tribune reports. When police found Alvarez, he allegedly threw several bags of drugs on the ground before police found more heroin in his pockets. He was allegedly telling residents that he was injured and needed money for his young daughter, who was ultimately turned over to a family member, Fox Chicago reports.

When police took him to the station, they realized he had 98 prior arrests and 23 convictions, CBS Chicago reports. He has been convicted of burglary, robbery, larceny, assault, drugs and smuggling. He also gave various police departments 10 dates of birth, nine names and five Social Security numbers used as aliases.

The next time someone tells you that the poor minorities never get a break from the broken legal system, remind them of this example of the American Injustice System.

Mozart, Again, But Never Too Much

A beautiful movement-

UPDATE: The Blogger Gift Give at SBL

Adrianna of IVP Academic writes

“Being the social creature that I am, I’ve realized that simply having bibliobloggers come to the booth would not guarantee that I would have a chance to personally meet them. So instead, I will be on hand at the annual bibliobloggers reception (details TBD) to hand-deliver the gifts provided by IVP Academic. So stop by the IVP booth for great deals on books but come to the reception for the free stuff!”

My apologies to one and all for the confusion which was caused solely and only by me and neither IVP or Adrianna should be blamed for it.  Actually I think I’ll blame the serpent.  Yeah, that works.  The serpent confused me and I was yeah verily mightily confused!

Anyway, see you at SBL.  Perhaps someone can make better progress in attempting to arrange a venue than I’ve been able to.

A Handy Guide to Scholarly Editions of the Bible (via Εις Δοξαν)

Jason’s right- right useful stuff here.

I received in the mail today, as I’m sure some of you have, a handy guide to the scholarly editions published by the German Bible Society. It’s a guide geared for first-year students, “who might benefit from a basic introduction like this.” There are short write-ups on the BHK, BHS, and BHQ, as well as a short history on the Greek New Testament. If you’re interested in perusing this handy little guide, you can download the pdf. And, be sure to ch … Read More

via Εις Δοξαν

The Little Ingrate Who Sued Her Mother…

Because mom didn’t give her enough money for a homecoming dress…

The dismissal of a lawsuit brought against a Barrington Hills mother by her two grown children who accused her of “bad mothering” was unanimously upheld by the First District Appellate Court of Illinois.

The suit, originally dismissed by Cook County Judge Kathy Flanagan who called the siblings’ allegations “petty grievances” according to the Toronto Sun, sought more than $50,000 in damages for emotional distress and cited issues like curfew enforcement, insufficient college care packages and haggling over homecoming dress budgets as sources of undue suffering.

The two-year legal battle began when Steven II, now 23, and Kathryn Miner, 20, filed a lawsuit against their mother Kimberly Garrity in 2009, represented by three attorneys including their father, Steven A. Miner, according to the Daily Herald. Miner and Garrity divorced in 1995 and the children lived with their father.

Oh do read the rest, and see what pettiness and greed can do.  I know one thing, if my daughter ever sued me for such idiotic and trivial reasons there would be a mighty outpouring of Old Testament style divine wrath and rage.

More on the ‘Miriam Ossuary’, Or at Least Catching Up

An interesting piece which commences

In Jerusalem and Judah, ancient limestone burial boxes containing skeletal remains — called ossuaries — are fairly common archaeological finds from the 1st century BCE to the 1st century AD period. Forgers have also added inscriptions or decorations to fraudulently increase their value. So three years ago, when the Israel Antiquities Authority confiscated an ossuary with a rare inscription from antiquities looters, they turned to Prof. Yuval Goren of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Archaeology to authenticate the fascinating discovery.   Prof. Goren, who worked in collaboration with Prof. Boaz Zissu from Bar Ilan University, now confirms that both the ossuary and its inscription are authentic. The ossuary’s inscription, which is unusually detailed, could reveal the home of the family of the biblical figure and high priest Caiaphas prior to their exodus to Galilee after 70 AD. Caiaphas is infamous for his involvement in the crucifixion of Jesus.  Prof. Goren’s finding has been reported in the Israel Exploration Journal.

I’m not sure why this is just now being mentioned by the Eureka Alert people.  The IEJ essay came out in July as I noted then.  But at least the Eureka people aren’t peddling lead.

[Joel’s not sure if the story is new.  I think he’s intentionally trying to hurt my feelings].

There are no Atheists in Heaven, Nor Among Listeners of Mozart’s Music

No one in the semblance of a right mind could deny the existence of God knowing the gift he gave to Mozart and through Mozart to us. No one.

Even The Most Perverse Pedophiles Reap what they Sow

Warren Jeffs, the polygamous sect leader and convicted child rapist, is in a coma and may not survive, a source close to Jeffs tells ABC News.  Jeffs, 55, had been fasting for the past three days and became so weak that doctors at the Texas prison where he is serving a life sentence induced a coma, according to the source.  The leader of a radical polygamist sect of Mormonism known as the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (FLDS), Jeffs is scheduled to go on trial a second time in October to face charges of first-degree bigamy. Conviction would be punishable by up to 99 years or life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.  Jeffs was moved last Tuesday to a solitary cell at the Powledge Unit in Palestine, Texas, because of the large amount of media coverage surrounding his case, prison officials said.

The world will not be a worse place in his absence.

Only In America…


Tom’s Right, But Even More, Real Academics Don’t Peddle Fraud!

As Elkington and his ‘lead codices’ consortium is attempting to do.

According to Elkington (bold and italicized), who we all know is the erudite, scholarly fellow (/sarcasm): Regarding the omission of academic postings on this site, it was set up to release news into the public sphere (due to significant demand) and not as an academic forum (real academics tend not to use Facebook and are not bloggers! – They respectably keep their counsel, which is why they haven’t participated directly on this site, although th … Read More

via The Musings of Thomas Verenna

Instead of Rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan, We Should Have Rebuilt the 9th Ward

It’s been 6 years since the city of New Orleans was deluged by Katrina and the poor neighborhoods are STILL in shambles.  And rather than rebuilding our own decimated cities, our dimwitted politicians are pouring money into foreign lands where we’re hated.  It’s so bizarrely idiotic as to defy explanation.

In New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward, the grasses grow taller than people and street after street is scarred by empty decaying houses, the lives that once played out inside their walls hardly imaginable now.   St. Claude Avenue, the once moderately busy commercial thoroughfare, looks like the main street of a railroad town bypassed long ago by the interstate. Most buildings are shuttered, “For Sale” signs stuck on their sides. There aren’t many buyers. And the businesses that are open are mostly corner stores where folks buy pricey cigarettes, liquor and packaged food.  Six years after Hurricane Katrina slammed into the Gulf Coast, the New Orleans neighborhood that was hardest hit still looks like a ghost town. Redevelopment has been slow in coming, and the neighborhood has just 5,500 residents – one-third its pre-Katrina population.

America’s politicians will one day stand in the presence of Almighty God and answer for their blatant greed and the cruelty they exhibited towards their own people.  And then they’ll be carted off by the demons they serve to the lowest hell where they will justly serve their eternal sentence.

Arsenal’s Butchering by Manchester United

Arsenal management feels so badly about the 8-2 stomping that they’re compensating Aresnal’s ticketholders!

Arsenal have announced that they will offer to buy another away ticket for those fans who travelled to Old Trafford yesterday to watch their team lose 8-2 to Manchester United.

Ok that’s both awesome and funny! Can you imagine ANY US sports team compensating fans when their team loses a game in humiliating fashion??? That’s what I call true sporting!

Around 3,000 fans are thought to have made the 400-mile round trip to Manchester yesterday, only to see their team humiliated by Sir Alex Ferguson’s side.  Manager Arsène Wenger and his inexperienced team were widely criticised for their showing on the pitch, but the travelling support gained widespread praise for backing their team throughout.  The north London club confirmed today [Monday] that they would be offering to compensate the supporters who made the trip by paying for a ticket for another away game.


Thank You, Mark Stevens

Mark has been awfully kind and sent along an Amazon Gift-card which I’ve used to purchase this from my wishlist:

Thanks, Mark!


From the EABS secretary-

Dear EABS members,

After the successful meeting in Thessaloniki, we are turning our attention to next year’s EABS conference.  It will take place July 22-26 in Amsterdam together with the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature. The Society for Old Testament Study (SOTS) together with the Oudtestamentisch Werkgezelschap in Nederland en België (OTW) will also take part in organizing the conference.  Thus, we are expecting a broad and well attended meeting.

All program units for the meeting will be administered through the SBL website.
The EABS seminars will appear on the same list with other program units and they will be marked with the sign EABS. We need to hand in the information concerning all our units soon.  If you want to set up a new seminar, please send a title, a short description and a call for papers to the Executive Officer Ronit Nikolsky (r.nikolsky@rug.nl) by September 7, 2011. The same dead line applies to all existing seminars.  The call for papers will open on the SBL website in October.

It is also possible to organize a seminar based on invitations only. If you wish to set up such a program unit, you still need to send the title and the description to Ronit Nikolsky with a notification that “This program unit accepts presentations by invitation only.”

We also ask all chairs to edit their research group page in the EABS website to keep the information accurate and up-to-date http://www.eabs.net/rgroups.aspx.

We are constantly working on developing our website. You can, among other things, find the minutes of the EABS business meeting and the President’s report on the work of the Committee on the members’ zone. If you have any difficulties accessing the members’ zone (knowing that you have paid the membership fee), please contact the Treasurer Rüdiger Schmitt (rschmit@uni-muenster.de)

Also, if you have any items of information that may be of interest to other EABS members, such as conferences, public lectures or job openings, please forward that information to the Information Officer Ana Valdez (ana.valdez@netcabo.pt) who will post the information on the website.

Lastly, we would like to inform you that the new student representative and the student network coordinator is Frauke Uhlenbruch from the University of Derby. She is the person to contact if you have any questions or comments regarding student affairs (f.uhlenbruch@derby.ac.uk). Next spring, a graduate student symposium will be taking place again, this time in Germany. Further information will be posted to the students’ zone and will be circulated to all of you in due time.

It Only Makes Sense: If You’re Going to Make a Film Set in Israel, Film it There

Israel is tired of Hollywood filming Jesus’ crucifixion in Italy and the Crusader invasion of the Holy Land in Morocco.

So Israeli officials are promising better tax breaks, terror attack insurance and handouts of up to $400,000 to lure international movie producers to the holy city of Jerusalem. They want to cash in on the multibillion-dollar industry, and want the real Jerusalem on the silver screen — not Mediterranean stand-ins.

“It’s absurd. Movies set in Jerusalem are filmed in Malta, Morocco and Greece,” said Yoram Honig, an Israeli film director and 10th-generation Jerusalemite. He heads the Jerusalem Film Fund, which was set up three years ago to encourage more moviemaking in the city.

You know it really only makes sense: if you’re going to make a film set in Israel, you should film it in Israel.   If you were going to make a film of Joel Watts’ life would you film it in New York?  Goodness no!  It would be completely inappropriate.  Film where your setting is.  In Jesus’ case, that’s Israel.  In Joel’s, it’s West Virginia.  It’s a no brainer.

De canone missae epichiresis

29 August 1523 was the publication date of Huldrych Zwingli’s De canone missae epichiresis.    Once the Zurich Disputation concluded questions arose as to the best way to implement the reform of the Mass.  Zwingli answered specific questions addressed to him along those lines in this technical Latin Flugschrift.  And it really was a Flugschrift!  Zwingli composed the volume in four days (because it had to be to the publisher and printed in time to be shipped to the Frankfurt Book Fair in September).

In it he traces the development of the Mass under the early papacy, showing that the then in use Canon was not at all ancient as its supporters claimed, and he also objects to the word missa as an unbiblical concept altogether.

He then goes on to deconstruct (!) the entire Canon sentence by sentence and concludes by denouncing the very notion that the sacrifice of Christ either could be, or should be ‘repeated’.

The best part of the booklet, though, is his utter decimation of the argument that because a prayer for the dead was included in the Canon, purgatory must perforce exist!

And the most interesting (for me anyway) is his allowance of singing in the Church – though the words must be biblical explicitly.  He would later, and famously, go on to ban singing altogether because it had become less about praising the glory of God and more about the singer’s self glorification.

All in all it’s one of the more interesting publications from 1523.  Alas, so far as I’ve been able to discover, it has never been translated.  Pity, really.

The Pregnancy Pact That Was and the Trash-ification of America

When schoolgirl Camille finds out that she is soon to become a young mother, she successfully persuades a group of friends in her small coastal town to join her in forming a 17-strong ‘pregnancy pact’. Desperate for bulging bellies, the young girls go to extraordinary lengths to secure willing fathers, much to the distress and consternation of the town’s teachers and parents.

With a light and compassionate touch, the film follows the friendships, quarrels and health scares as the young women ride the rocky road to motherhood.

17 Girls is inspired by the real life news story from 2008, when 18 teenagers in a Massachusetts high school became pregnant. The story attracted much media coverage, and brought attention to a generation of girls bored and desperate for a way to change their lives.

Maybe someday teenagers will decide to enter into a Purity Pact and someone will make a film of it that isn’t derisive or condescending.  But I don’t expect it to happen.

The world is jam packed with impurity;  just ask (Not at all a) Lady Gaga(lot) who performed her filth filled trashy nonsense at the MTV awards last night or ask her millions of feckless sycophants who actually have the gall to call her an example of faith.  It isn’t purity or decency or respectability that America embraces, it’s slutty trashy dirty filthiness.

Vermont Needs Noah

Some of the worst flooding in generations ravaged Vermont’s normally tranquil countryside early Monday, turning babbling brooks into raging rivers, knocking homes from their foundations and washing away at least one person.

Residents fled to high ground as officials struggled to account for potential casualties and damage.

A flash-flood watch was in place through Monday morning after 4 to 6 inches of rain fell across Vermont, the National Weather Service said.

“I think tomorrow we may find some bad things,” said state police Capt. Ray Keefe. “I hope not.”

Watch the video.  It’s just simply stunning.  NPR has an interesting report on the disaster as well which is worth hearing.  And if anyone can find Noah, tell him to hit Vermont.