The Abbot Fled and Left The Monks Confused

Titel Bibel Zwingli zürich

Zurich Bible

Before the 22nd of April in 1525 the Abbot of the Monastery at Rüti became so fearful, convinced that the German uprising of peasants was headed his way, that he fled, taking everything valuable that wasn’t nailed down with him.  This left the monks without leadership or guidance so they sent a letter to Zwingli asking for his help

He responded, on the 23rd of August that same year with a Flugschrift entitled Wie sich die Mönche zu Rüti verhalten sollen which outlined – essentially – the practice of the Zurich Prophezei and admonishing the monks to follow the same practice for themselves.

Beginning with Genesis 1, they should read through the Old Testament and hold lectures on it in the mornings and then after noon follow the same procedure with the New Testament (3-4 chapters at a time).  Readings and lectures should be followed by songs and prayers.  This should be done each day of the week save Sunday, which was of course the day of Worship.

In this way the text would regain the center stage and the monks would learn it and be able to preach and teach it.  Reformation can’t happen if Scripture isn’t key.