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Stunning Photo of the 2011 Virginia Quake!

via Alastair Roberts on G+

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Plastic Surgery Plumbs New Depths

The BBC headline says it all: Designer vagina NHS operations unwarranted. GPs should not refer women who are well but worried for female genital cosmetic surgery on the NHS, say experts. Specialists at a Central London teaching hospital say they … Continue reading

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And Now We See What the ‘Lead Codices’ Nonsense is Really All About

It’s about suckering gullible people into spending huge sums on absolute rubbish sold by immense dilettantes. Ancient Antique copper Lead Christian book,14cmx10cm ‘Copper lead’? Really? US $13,000.00 Seriously? If you’re that senseless I’ll sell you an ancient piece of the … Continue reading

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Zwingli’s Impression of Melanchthon

From their dealings at Marburg, Zwingli wrote his friend Vadian the following about Melanchthon: Melanchthon I found uncommonly slippery; he kept changing his shape like another Proteus, forced me—in lieu of salt!—to use my pen as a weapon and keep … Continue reading

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You Can have My Bullets When You Dig Them Out of a 1 Year Old’s Skull…

A 1-year-old girl is reportedly having surgery at Children’s Memorial Hospital Tuesday after being shot in the head on Chicago’s South Side.  The Chicago Tribune reports that the child and her 15-year-old aunt were walking a dog near 84th Street … Continue reading

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He Murdered his Children

Police records show that a Dallas man has confessed to drowning his two young sons, whom authorities say he kidnapped along with their mother as they walked to school.  …  32-year-old Naim Muhammad told homicide detectives in a videotaped interview … Continue reading

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Washington DC Has Been Rattled by a Quake…

God willing the next one will open wide the earth and swallow up the entire ‘Tent of Achan’ that the wretched greed driven city has become.

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Genesis 1-2 Gets its own Conference!

9/30- 10/1 “Reading Genesis 1-2: An Evangelical Conversation”  A “multiple views” symposium on how to read the creation narratives of Genesis 1 and 2, taking place at the Chattanooga Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN. Principal speakers are (1) Prof. John Walton … Continue reading

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Sad News: Pat Summitt Has Dementia

She is the greatest college basketball coach ever and it is terribly sad to me to hear that she has been stricken with such a horrid disease. Lady Vols head basketball coach Pat Summitt says she has been diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Yes, It Is

The Washington Post poses this question: My son was denied coverage on the basis that he had been drinking before going to the ER with a broken shoulder. Is drinking a legitimate reason for denial of coverage? Yes, it is. … Continue reading

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In Tennessee…?

Canisters of frozen bull semen that fell from a Greyhound bus caused a minor scare when emergency officials found them emitting vapor by the side of the road near downtown Nashville.  The canisters fell off just before 6 a.m. on … Continue reading

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Christian Soldiers in Afghanistan

These photos all speak for themselves.  Via.

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The Abbot Fled and Left The Monks Confused

Before the 22nd of April in 1525 the Abbot of the Monastery at Rüti became so fearful, convinced that the German uprising of peasants was headed his way, that he fled, taking everything valuable that wasn’t nailed down with him. … Continue reading

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Elkington Isn’t the Only One Keeping The Lead Codices Idiocy Alive

So are we all, every time we mention it.  And sadly we have to mention it because if we don’t our silence is taken as agreement with the lies told by those hawking the rubbish for profit. We stand on … Continue reading

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Excavating the EB jar at Gath

Nice work. As I had mentioned in my posts during the season, in Area E, a very nice assemblage of EB III pottery was found, including a restorable jar and cooking pot. This was of interest from various perspectives, including … Continue reading

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God in a Brothel: An Undercover Journey into Sex Trafficking and Rescue

Thanks to IVP Academic I’ve got a copy of this to review.  It is a tragic fact of these so called ‘post enlightenment’ times that human slavery in the form of sex trafficking is a reality.  This book is the … Continue reading

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Is The Narrator of Job Unreliable?

An essay by James Watts examines the question.  You can acquire it here.  And here’s the source and the abstract: From The Whirlwind: Essays on Job, Hermeneutics, and Theology in Memory of Jane Morse (ed. S.L. Cook, C.L. Patton, and … Continue reading

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A New Children’s Bible

This one looks excellent: Schöpfung, Sintflut und viele andere Erzählungen aus dem Alten Testament sowie zahlreiche Geschichten von Jesus machen die Kinder mit einem Kernbestand biblischer Texte vertraut. Auf jeweils einer Doppelseite gibt das Buch die 24 schönsten biblischen Geschichten … Continue reading

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Eating Ice Cream While You’re Asleep

Ok this is just too adorable

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