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Modern Worship

The modern movement of worship is designed to break down barriers between man and God, to remove the veil, as it were, from the fearsome holiness of God, which might cause us to tremble. It is designed to make us … Continue reading

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Webster, On Bultmann

The context … in which Bultmann’s theology is to be set, is two-fold. There is his radically critical approach to the reliability of the New Testament as an historical record: and there is his equally strong stress on the unfashionable … Continue reading

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Jerome Emser, You’re A Prat

On the 20th of August in 1524 (which just happened to have been a Saturday), Huldrych Zwingli published his scathing Adversus Hieronymum Emserum antibolon.  His assessment of the man was, in his own words, that he was … ein Schreihals … Continue reading

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What’s Israel Doing Crossing into Egypt?

Wanting an all out war with the Arab world?  What dimwit issued the order? Anxious to head off a diplomatic crisis with Egypt, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak issued a statement Saturday expressing regret for the deaths of Egyptian security … Continue reading

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Marriage Matters

And cohabitation harms children, according to a study released on the 16th of the month. Here’s a direct link to the pdf. Today, the rise of cohabiting households with children is the largest unrecognized threat to the quality and stability … Continue reading

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Today’s Book Recommendation

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Quote of the Day

Glaube ist immer Glaube gegen den Schein.  — Rudolf Bultmann

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Rudolf Bultmann in my Library

I’ve circled (badly) the Bultmann volumes in my library.  And yes, every word of every one (because I know you’re wondering).

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Greg Carey’s Imagination

In this essay he discusses earliest Christianity and what it must have looked like.  He asserts, among other things, The New Testament’s very existence testifies to how passionately the earliest Christians kept in touch with one another. Some people imagine … Continue reading

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It’s Not Rudolph, It’s Rudolf

One would expect a scholar of Webster’s caliber to know that.  Alas, however, he doesn’t seem to. Still, many thanks to Chris Tilling for pointing out the book, which introduces those unfamiliar with Bultmann to his work and thought.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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Jesus: A Very Short Introduction

By Richard Bauckham: Richard Bauckham here explores the historical figure of Jesus, evaluating the sources and showing that they provide us with good historical evidence for his life and teaching. To place Jesus in his proper historical context, as a … Continue reading

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A Bultmann Gallery

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Happy Bultmann’s Birthday!

Rudolf Karl Bultmann, the most important New Testament theologian of the 20 or 21st centuries was born on this day in 1884.  Happy Bultmann’s Birthday!  Expect several posts on the great man today.

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Not All Soldiers are Heroes

Some are perverse molesters of mentally challenged children- A missing 14-year-old girl with the mental capacity of someone much younger was found Friday morning with a 21-year-old soldier who now faces charges in her disappearance. Furthermore Police located Andrea Fox … Continue reading

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The Right Archbishop Who’s Wrong

He’s right that the various networks mentioned get religion wrong most of the time. He’s wrong in not saying that most journalists do as well and not just those from those news outlets. Archbishop Charles Chaput is conservative, and I … Continue reading

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Frank Schaeffer… He’s Not his Father’s Son

[W]hen the family business is religion, it is especially perilous. That is one of the central laments, anyway, of “Sex, Mom, & God,” a new memoir by Frank Schaeffer. To secular Americans, the name Frank Schaeffer means nothing. But to … Continue reading

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