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How Arminians Debate…

Source. Via Madeleine F. on the FB.

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BBC: Winner of the Ambiguous Headline of the Day

I wonder why Nigerian gunmen are shooting dead police officers…

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Have You Seen Bill Clinton Lately?

He’s convinced me to be a Vegan! “I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, the stuff I eat now,” Clinton said in a recent CNN interview. Guided by doctors who have recommended a plant-based diet, he now weighs 185 … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t Say it Because it’s Stupid…

No one ever actually ‘throws up’ at mention of gay marriage.  But the larger question is- does an individual no longer have the right to be disgusted by behavior they find reprehensible? We’re all disgusted when someone murders a child.  … Continue reading

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Some Interesting Essays from 51 Years Past

In Zwingliana. This one is especially good: Zwinglis Auslegung der Propheten, by Gerhard Krause. Enjoy it.

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What Makes a Hooligan? Disengaged Parents

In an interesting and worthwhile essay we read Youth are the makers or breakers of any society. A society where family structure is robust, will more likely turn youthful energy to nation building. Where it is weak, however, that is … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Science as the Opium of the University!

Ha!!!!! Pseudowetenschappelijke theorieën zijn in hun absurditeit moeilijk over het hoofd te zien. Dat wil echter niet zeggen dat ze representatief zijn voor de bestaande desinformatie, want daarnaar is nooit onderzoek gedaan. Er bestaat andere soorten: slechte logica (een vak … Continue reading

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I Get so Enraged Sometimes

The local news is reporting Tennessee state agencies have been told to assemble plans for cutting up to 30 percent from their budgets in preparation for expected reductions in federal spending. A letter sent by Finance Commissioner Mark Emkes calls … Continue reading

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Ashkelon Excavation Report, Volume 3

Larry Stager has sent along the Table of Contents for the newly published volume 3 of the Ashkelon report: The volume is available along with volumes 1 and 2. Details here.

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What America Needs

Is people with a work ethic. People willing to labor ‘by the sweat of their brow’ who aren’t so scarce that they are demonized as ‘workaholics’ or ‘work addicts’ or ‘addicted to work’. America has become fat and lazy because … Continue reading

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Download the Zwinglius Redivivus Toolbar

Here, for IE (does anyone use that anymore?) or Firefox.  It’s customizable and very useful.

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Syria Continues to Eat Its Young

Syrian forces shot dead 14 protesters Friday despite President Bashar al-Assad’s pledge that his crackdown on dissent was over, activists said, as thousands marched across Syria, spurred on by U.S. and European calls for him to step down. Meanwhile, back … Continue reading

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Muslims and Atheists are Liked Better than Tea Party Members

No surprise there really since most Americans rightly see that the fringe lunatics have sent to office persons willing to bring the entire world down on the heads of the poor just so the rich can continue getting richer.  What … Continue reading

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The Republicans in Congress Are Intentionally Destroying the Economy

Just so they can elect (they hope) a Repub to the White House.  But what they must not realize is that the contempt of the people of America will be aimed directly at them.  They aren’t destroying the economy to … Continue reading

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Germany Isn’t Britain

And the Germans won’t tolerate the widespread violence that plagued Britain.  They’re used to fringe loons doing stupid things and they know how to deal with them.  And it isn’t with a velvet glove of ‘oh the poor dears just … Continue reading

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Life in the Gulag

One thing about living in the sticks is that services like phone and internet can go out for no apparent reason at all.  Last night our internet just stopped working.  No biggie, I was going to bed anyway. Unfortunately it … Continue reading

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