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What do You get When you Cross a Loaded Gun and a Speeding Redneck?

That’s right, a self inflicted wound to both legs… A 23-year-old man faced possible criminal charges on Wednesday after he accidentally shot himself in both legs when he reached for his gun while driving on a highway in Tennessee, authorities … Continue reading

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Sure, It’s Perfectly Normal To Look For a Young Wife…

So you can have lower insurance premiums… What’s love got to do with it? When Rabbi Craig Ezring’s annual health insurance costs soared 38 percent this year to a whopping $18,636, he did more than just complain.  He went looking … Continue reading

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7 Sites You Should Be Wasting Your Time On Right Now…

Sure, The HuffPo came up with the idea but I feel it my duty to refine it and make it better.  Here are the 7 sites I think you ought to be visiting if you have time to kill: 1-This … Continue reading

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Much Ado About Nothing

Thanks to Tom Verenna for mentioning this on FB.  James McGrath evidently blogged on it earlier (as he tells Tom in a comment) but I haven’t seen Jim’s post yet (sorry, it’s hard to do everything and frankly sciency stuff … Continue reading

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Ashkelon: And Amazing Publication News

Larry Stager writes Ashkelon 3: The Seventh Century B.C., has just been published. To mark its publication, the publisher is offering a sale on volumes 1, 2, and 3. If you buy Ashkelon 1, you will receive volumes 2 and … Continue reading

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Sexual Contact With Cons Isn’t ‘Ministry’, Mr Rawlins

Charles Rawlins, 63, was volunteering his services in a ministry program to help the prisoners at the jail, according to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. He was also overseeing the Sequatchie County food bank where inmates work.  Rawlings is charged … Continue reading

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Violent Cultures Breed Violent Children

Tampa police arrested an expelled student after thwarting what they called a “catastrophic” plot to set off a bomb at his former high school next week, authorities said Wednesday.  Police Chief Jane Castor said Jared Cano, 17, had threatened to … Continue reading

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More ‘Stupid Drunk’ Tricks

A seemingly drunk [Gerard] Depardieu is caught short in a Paris to Dublin flight after the seat belt sign has been switched on for take off. With the lavatories closed, the 62-year-old calls out “I need to piss, I need … Continue reading

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Who Doesn’t Enjoy Seeing LeBron Get Schooled?

No one. That’s right. No one. Schadenfreude!

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Evans contra Smith

In a new essay at Bible and Interpretation Craig Evans takes on the fraudulent silliness of Morton Smith’s ‘Secret Gospel of Mark’.  Double enjoy.

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Oh MY! The Vatican is Back to its 16th Century ‘Indulgences’ Ways!

I hope this is a farce.  If not, as soon as the coin in the coffer rings, the aborting mother from purgatory springs… The Vatican is marking World Youth Day celebrations in Madrid by offering women who have had abortions … Continue reading

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Aw, People are So Nice

Look what’s come today from my humble little Amazon wishlist: Thanks Gary, Barb, Sie, Whit, and Ber!

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Quote of the Day

‘Listen to the one who listens to God.’  — A.W. Tozer

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Speaking of Montanism…

Here’s the description of the heresy by Charles Hodge- Montanus taught that as the ancient prophets predicted the coming of the Messiah through whom new revelations were to be made; so Christ predicted the coming of the Paraclete through whom … Continue reading

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Pentebabbleism Knows No Shame

Even going so far as to exploit a 4 year old whose only ‘knowledge’ of preaching and theology is what he mimics in other pentebabbleists.  Joel’s right, it isn’t cute, it’s disturbing.  Par for the course, really, for the new … Continue reading

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Subsidium sive coronis de eucharistia: Today with Zwingli

What is the Eucharist?  Is it a sacrifice?  A memorial?  The means by which salvation is conferred?  A simple sign?  Those were the questions plaguing the Reformation beginning as early as 1522 and coming to a head in 1529 at … Continue reading

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He Killed his Great-Granny Over a Video Game…

Heavens to betsy… A 15-year-old accused of killing his great-grandmother is said to have done so over a video game, according to the Douglas County sheriff. He will stand trial as an adult.  A family friend told Channel 2’s Sophia … Continue reading

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New in Novum Testamentum

Among other things- The Confession of Jesus and the Curses of Peter – Joel Marcus has recently revived the view that the longer reading of Jesus’ words in Mark 14:62 … is original, for the shorter reading … threatens Markan … Continue reading

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Big Time College Sports: Corruption

Nevin Shapiro, a former Miami booster who is serving a 20-year prison sentence for masterminding a $930-million Ponzi scheme, has told Yahoo Sports he provided impermissible benefits to 72 of the university’s football players and other athletes between 2002 and … Continue reading

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