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It’s Time to Make Begging a Thing of the Past

Luther once remarked I will not quarrel with anyone about it, but I think it would be more fitting if there were no more begging in Christendom under the New Testament than among the Jews under the Old Testament; I … Continue reading

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That Dead Megachurch Pastor: They Found Drugs

Because 40 something’s don’t generally just drop over dead, The Florida megachurch pastor discovered dead in a Times Square hotel room was found with a white powdery substance believed to be narcotics, police sources have told several newspapers. Zachery Tims, … Continue reading

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‘Christ Our Captain’: An Introduction to Huldrych Zwingli

My editor has informed me that ‘Christ our Captain’: An Introduction to Huldrych Zwingli (Quartz Hill Publishing, 2011) is available! I’m really quite pleased with this one and if you have any interest at all in Zwingli might I encourage … Continue reading

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Look at that!  Just LOOK!!!!  the ‘Pastor’ is standing outside the baptistery and immersing the kid without even bothering to get anything more than his hands wet! That’s INFURIATING.  Those sorts of baptisteries that are divided or that don’t necessitate … Continue reading

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Breaking News! SBL Admits to Fallibility!!!!

Here’s the email which just arrived wherein the SBL admits to fallibility!!!! Due to a human error an Annual Meeting registration reminder was sent to many members by mistake this morning. We apologize for this error. The email was meant … Continue reading

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Another Quote of the Day

Were some watcher or holy one from the bright world above to come among us for a time with the power to diagnose the spiritual ills of church people, there is one entry which I am quite sure would appear … Continue reading

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Israel’s Racism

In an unprecedented move, the Interior Ministry announced Tuesday that it intends on deporting a four-year-old girl, the daughter of a foreign worker, who was born and educated in Israel.   Israel’s Population and Immigration Authority on Tuesday arrested the girl … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

There are three sorts of those who profess the Gospel; 1- there are those who feign piety, while a bad conscience reproves them within; 2- the hypocrisy of others is more deceptive, who not only seek to disguise themselves before … Continue reading

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Android Malware and Google+

CNET reports A new flavor of Android malware is disgusing itself as a Google+ app in an attempt to capture instant messages, GPS, location, call logs, and other sensitive data.  Uncovered by the team at Trend Micro, the new malware known as ANDROIDOS_NICKISPY.C can … Continue reading

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Just a Reminder to Christian, And Others- There’s No Such Thing as an ‘Ex-Christian’

Someone may call himself an ‘ex-minister’ and may have even fooled his congregation into thinking he was a minister of the Gospel for a time, but the truth is, such creatures never were authentically ministers of any sort because they … Continue reading

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An Arab Proverb (1) He that knows not and knows not that he knows not; He is a fool—shun him! (2) He that knows not and knows that he knows not; He is simple—teach him! (3) He that knows and … Continue reading

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The Cost of the London Riots, and Other Stuff

Via Jonathan Stökl on the FB- Highest estimated cost of riots: £100m. Tax Avoidance by Vodafone: £6 Billion. Tax spent on Libyan intervention: £1 Billion. Tax avoidance in 2010 by richest people in UK: £7 Billion. Tax payers bill for … Continue reading

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Book Recommendation

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The REAL Blog Rankings: The Mid-Month Edition

You don’t have to take the word of some sketchy programming (which – as far as you know may be using some script or code to capture your keystrokes thus allowing its owner to hack into your bank account and … Continue reading

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Insights from the Heildelberg Catechism

Why did Jesus die on the Cross and not, say, by stoning or by drowning or just in his sleep?  If he died for our sins, isn’t it his death itself that matters and not so much the means by … Continue reading

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Schlatter’s Devotional Work

Here’s a book Adolf Schlatter wrote that’s wonderfully inspiring.  It’s a daily devotional and follows the usual pattern of such things with a scripture passage followed by devotional thoughts for the day.  I don’t know if the German edition is … Continue reading

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The Damascus Gate Restoration Project

Via Joseph Lauer, from the Israel Antiquities Authority: After extensive conservation work on the largest and most impressive of Jerusalem’s gates, which took nearly a year to complete, visitors there can now enjoy the gate in all its splendor just … Continue reading

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A Schlatter Slideshow

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On The Anniversary of the Birth of Adolf Schlatter

That profoundly gifted exegete and theologian Adolf Schlatter was born on the 16th of August in 1852.   His productivity was second to none as he published commentaries on every book of the New Testament (some for general readers and … Continue reading

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The Value of the Perseus Collection (via Theological Musings)

Nicely argued.  I am sure most of you who read this blog know by now that Logos is gearing up to publish the massive Perseus Collection. I am still in shock that they are releasing all of this for free! … Continue reading

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