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The Strange Tale of the Murdered Pastor

You won’t believe why or how he was killed…

South African villagers accused of burning a pastor to death because they thought he was using a magic penis to sleep with women now fear they have been cursed.

Here’s the rest.  As I told Antonio, you’ve got to be kidding.

Hello, Hell? Yes, It’s Me Again. Open Wide, Another One is Heading Your Way

A 7-year-old boy with cerebral palsy and other disabilities including not being able to speak was decapitated, and his biological father has confessed to the killing, police in Thibodaux, Louisiana, said Monday.  The child’s head was found Sunday by the side of a city street, detective Ricky Ross said.

Is it wrong of me to say, I despise this guy?  Well I’m saying it anyway.  If you hate your child that much and love yourself so much that you care nothing for your own child, give them up for adoption.  Why kill them??????

“When police arrived, 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright was standing on the porch and told police it was a CPR dummy and it was just a joke.”  “After additional officers arrived, Wright was taken into custody for questioning and during the questioning he confessed to the crime,” Ross said.

My God.  Dear Lord, bring down the just judgment this vile and despicable creature deserves on his perverted head.  Go Old Testament on him and rain down every plague you unleashed on Egypt (except the last one.  Seems he took care of that one himself).

Hello, Hell?  Yes, it’s me again.  Open wide, another one’s heading your way.  Enjoy him.

Political Correctness is Stupid, And a School Board in Virginia Proves It

Last week, the Albemarle County School Board removed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first Sherlock Holmes novel, A Study in Scarlet, from its sixth-grade reading list. Several former middle school students opposed the removal of the Victorian-era text, one calling it “the best book I have read so far,” but the mystery novel was nonetheless booted.

Back in May, a parent of a Henley Middle School student complained that the story painted a poor, derogatory picture of Mormons. “A Study in Scarlet has been used to introduce students to the mystery genre,” Brette Stevenson said, adding, “This is our young students’ first inaccurate introduction to an American religion.”

Last Thursday, the school board agreed with the complaint and voted for the story’s removal. It will, however, remain a part of high-school curriculum.

I’m offended by Curious George.  They should pull that one too…   [Idiots].

James McGrath and The Mid Month Carnivalesqueness

James has taken the Carnival to the next level and offers today a mid-month version of the full version scheduled to appear on 1 September.  It’s more of a listing of posts James has found interesting than an actual ‘Carnival’ but it’s still loaded with stuff to check.

I especially liked his disclaimer at the end…

Christians, Think About It…

Classic Christian teaching of Christ must never again try to gain credentials in an ailing university at the cost of selling its birthright.  Christ brings a view of universal history, creation to consummation, that can never be reduced to the methods of naturalistic reductionism.  — Thomas Oden

You may not agree with Oden.  But you have to agree it’s worth thinking deeply about.

Confessing the Sin of Authorship

Thomas C. Oden’s Systematic Theology is just so engaging, especially when he writes about such things as the ‘sin of authorship’ (vol 2, p. 217) and apologizes for writing so much when just at this juncture he has to take a side-path to discuss the historical-critical method and in particular his lifelong engagement with Rudolf Bultmann.  And that in an excursus called A Personal Interlude: A Path toward Postcritical Consciousness.

This excursus is itself followed by a section called Implausible Pretensions of the Critical Study of Jesus (pp. 220ff) which each and every person engaged in the so called ‘quest of the Historical Jesus’ should be required, yes required to read.

Anyway, I’m back to it.  Just wanted to drop a word of commendation.

What’s Going on With Twitter?

And why do I keep getting ‘new items’  @ me from July in the twitter feed on Rockmelt?

Hercules, Hercules, Hercules…

The Israel Antiquities Authority advises

A marble statue of Hercules from the second century CE was uncovered in excavations the Israel Antiquities Authority is conducting at Horvat Tarbenet, within the framework of the Jezreel Valley Railway project, directed by the Israel National Roads Company

According to Dr. Walid Atrash of the Israel Antiquities Authority, “This is a rare discovery. The statue, which probably stood in a niche, was part of the decoration of a bathhouse pool that was exposed during the course of the excavations. It is c. 0.5 m tall, is made of smoothed white marble and is of exceptional artistic quality. Hercules is depicted in three dimension, as a naked figure standing on a base. His bulging muscles stand out prominently, he is leaning on a club to his left, on the upper part of which hangs the skin of the Nemean lion, which according to Greek mythology Hercules slew as the first of his twelve labors”.

Here are some of the photos of the find.

Both Joseph Lauer and Antonio Lombatti have commented on the discovery.

Megachurch Pastor Zachery Tims is Dead

Pastor Zachery Tims was found dead on the 37th-floor of the W Hotel Friday. A cause of death had not yet been determined. A preacher who led one of the largest congregations in central Florida was found dead in a Times Square hotel, police sources said Sunday. The body of Zachery Tims, 42, the senior pastor of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, was discovered in his 37th-floor room of the posh W Hotel on Broadway near W. 46th St. about 6 p.m. on Friday, the sources said.

His life wasn’t scandal free. Indeed, he was in the news a while back for having an affair with a stripper…

In 2009, Tims and his wife of 15 years divorced after the pastor admitted to having an affair with a stripper, according to the website Black Christian News. Riva Tims, who is also a pastor, left the church to pursue her own ministry, Majestic Life Institute.

42 year old’s don’t normally drop dead for no reason.

Today’s Book Recommendation

Quote of the Day

Omnis recta cognitio ab obedientia nascitur- John Calvin

The Latest from Bibledex: The Godfather

And no, it isn’t a video about Mark Goodacre! [Some of the folk who’ve been blogging the Bible since the beginning will get it, the rest won’t, but trust me, it’s on point!]

Why Thank you James, I Do Too

The Passage You’ll Never Hear Preached…

If you attend one of those Churches where the right wing of the Republican party is viewed as the party God belongs to:

Command those who are rich in this world’s goods not to be haughty or to set their hope on riches, which are uncertain, but on God who richly provides us with all things for our enjoyment.   Tell them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, to be generous givers, sharing with others.    In this way they will save up a treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the future and so lay hold of what is truly life   (1 Ti 6:17–19).

It’s a passage which Rick Perry, for instance, has never heard and if he has, he has decided to disregard it completely, given the fact that he only gives less than one percent of his income to Christian charities.  Nor have those who talk about God (like Bachmann and Fox News) given it any attention since they would rather deride the poor than be generous to them.  For the far right, entitlement is an evil word but for the author of 1 Timothy, it is the duty of the Christian to provide for the poor.

The GOP politician’s utter contempt for Scripture is made most plain in precisely this: their refusal to live out what they claim to believe.

Why Angels are Like Older Brothers

Via Alastair Roberts on the G+

Debtor Nation, Beggar Nation

I find it utterly appalling that now 1 in 7 Americans has to rely on food from charities to survive.  How is this possible in the most powerful nation in the world?

A report out this month showed that the number of people on food stamps has reached an all time high.  One such food bank in Maryland, Manna Food Center, provides each family depending on it with 70 pounds of food every thirty days.  Volunteers prepared boxes of fresh produce, canned goods and other items to distribute to people in need.

The sluggish economy has taken a toll on families across the country.  A record 45.8 million people received food stamps from the government in May. That’s one out of every seven people.  For many, food stamps alone don’t meet their needs – or they don’t qualify for federal help at all.  Some of the families who receive food have jobs but still struggle to feed their families.  “We’ve been rationing food and just scrapping by. It’s just me and my sister working and right now it’s kind of hard for both of us to provide for younger brothers that we have,” Eric Zevallos, who receives help from the food bank, said.

Meanwhile, taxbreaks for the rich and pumping trillions into the dead end wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continue unabated.  America…  debtor nation.  Beggar nation.

It Couldn’t Have Happened to a Slimier Guy

Police said a 48-year-old man has been charged with trying to lure a 13-year-old girl into a Des Moines alley.

Polk County jail records indicate that Robert Harding, of Des Moines, is being held on two charges: enticing a minor under 16 and a parole violation. Police said the girl was playing outside near her home on Wednesday when Harding waved from the alley near the 900 block of Buchanan Street and motioned for her to join him.

She went to tell her mother, Holly Pullen, instead.”It’s horrible, it’s a nightmare, it’s not one that I think any parent wants to go through,” said Pullen. “All she could say is he’s staring at us and he won’t go away. I know at one point he was motioning at her to try and get her to go up the alley.”

Police said that when Pullen confronted Harding, he asked how old the girl was and whether he could marry her or would be interested in signing the girl away.”I got down to the alley and I confronted him. I said, ‘Why are you staring at the kids?’ and he looks at me and says, ‘I want to marry the red head,’ I came unglued at that point. I was like ‘Dude, she’s only 13 that’s my daughter,'” said Pullen.

Pullen said the man had broken English, but insisted that he wanted to marry the girl.”When I told him ‘no,’ asked me if I would be willing to sign paper work so he could get married to her and I told him no and then I hit him,” said Pullen.  Read more: http://www.kcci.com/news/28832819/detail.html#ixzz1V5wXdQCW

Good going mom!

Wie man beten soll

There’s a new translation of Martin Luther’s little book titled Wie man beten soll that’s due out this month.

Die Neuherausgabe von Martin Luthers Schrift von 1535 ermöglicht einen Blick in die persönliche Spiritualität des Reformators ein bisher nur selten genutzter Zugang zu ihm als Mensch und zu seine Theologie. Auf wenigen Seiten hat Luther einen Lehrgang des Betens entwickelt. Der Reformator will einem Laien, der offensichtlich Schwierigkeiten mit dem Gebet hat, eine Gebetshilfe geben und ihn dadurch zum Beten ermutigen. Luther geht davon aus, dass der Glaube der geistlichen Übung bedarf, wenn er nicht verkümmern soll. Insofern stellt die Schrift eine Korrektur gegenüber neueren protestantischen Überzeugungen dar, dass die Rechtfertigungslehre allein aus Gnaden und die Notwendigkeit geistlicher Übungen einander widersprechen. Die Neuherausgabe des Luthertextes zeichnet sie sich durch Einfachheit und Anschaulichkeit aus. Die Einleitung der beiden Herausgeber erleichtert den Zugang zu Luthers Schrift.

Or if you don’t read German, the same book is available in Luther’s Works, vol. 43, p. 193ff. Here’s what the editors have to say-

One of Luther’s oldest and best friends was his barber, Peter Beskendorf, known throughout the town as Peter the master barber. In a letter to Christopher Scheurl in 1517, Luther included special greetings from “Master Peter.” Hence by 1535, a fateful year for Peter, he had known Luther for eighteen years or more. The barber was also known and respected by the university professors and had been a “surgeon” to Prince Joachim of Anhalt.