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Snow: In New Zealand!

Apparently it’s unusual for the kiwis to have this much snow.

Wanganui residents woke to a whiteout this morning as the region was blanketed by snow.

The fall came as a bitterly cold southerly blast brought snow to much of New Zealand, closing roads, some airports and cutting power to thousands.

Snow has made roads impassable in many parts of both islands.

Snow has also fallen in many parts of the North Island including in and around Wellington. Many hill roads around the capital were closed this morning, including the Rimutaka Hill Road. The Desert Road and the alternate route through National Park in the central North Island were also closed.

That explains why Mark Stevens has been so quiet.  He’s been out playing in the snow, making a snow man-kangaroo.

[I know, I know, mark lives in Australia, but it’s the same thing isn’t it].

Fox News Is Quick to Believe a Lie

Because it loves falsehood.  It propagates falsehood constantly so when a juicy lie comes along it can’t resist it.

US NEWS ORGANISATION Fox News has fallen for a Pakistani satirical website’s report that Islamic clerics are campaigning to ban padded bras because they are “the devil’s cushions”.

Salon reports that the story originated on an Onion-like satirical site in Pakistan called Roznama Jawani.  Today Roznama Jawani carries headlines such as “Columbus Sends Message from Grave. Regrets Finding America” and “Intel’s latest AI Chip Inspired by Indian Prime Minister”.

Read the humorous rest.  And then ask yourself again, why does anyone believe anything Fox says?  They’re buffoons over there.  They wouldn’t know sarcasm if it spelled itself out for them.

There’s an Intelligent Design Community?

I have no interest in W.C. Lane or his ongoing apologetics campaign against the atheists.   Atheists are atheists precisely because they are predestined for destruction and no amount of badgering will make them otherwise and besides that, God doesn’t need to be defended.

But I never knew there was such a thing as the ‘intelligent design’ community.  Do they all live in a ghetto like the senior citizens do out in Arizona’s ‘Sun City’?

What exactly is an intelligent design community?  Is it just more of the societal fragmentation we’re witnessing all around us these days with people drawing circles and proclaiming themselves and their narrow interests in and everyone else out?

I think I’ll post this on Google Plus too…

Another High Schooler Dies from Heat

Down in Florida.

A high school soccer star in Florida died Wednesday after collapsing two days before at track practice, and two weeks after doctors cleared her to return from a previous collapse, her parents said.  Sara Landauer, 17, was a standout in soccer and track and popular off the field at Eastside High School in Gainseville, people who knew her said.  “Not just a phenomenal athlete but a tremendous asset to the community,” track coach Adrien Taylor said. “A young lady that inspired many young athletes. Not just athletes but many young people in general.”

We’ll all be remembering her family.

Sometimes the Stupidity of People is Stunning

For instance, the recent hubbub and even a petition about Sesame Street’s Bert and Ernie getting ‘married’ is one stellar example.  Evidently gay activists don’t realize that Bert and Ernie are puppets…  So, just to make sure they do-

The people behind the petition said that the marriage would do wonders to educated America’s children about tolerance and to show LGBT kids that “they are beautiful and their lives are worth living.”

In the wake of all of the public comment about the petition, Sesame Workshop, the non-profit behindSesame Street, issued a statement on their Facebook page. Sesame Workshop has issued statements on this issue before, saying that Bert & Ernie are puppets, not humans, and sexual orientation shouldn’t come into the discussion.

Maybe activists should be more concerned helping children separate reality from make believe than in trying to ‘teach them a lesson’ about modern culture.

Elijah: Why Is He so Famous?

Rainer Albertz published a volume in 2006 titled Elia: Ein feuriger Kämpfer fur Gott.  The central issue, as he poses it is, why, when Elijah only occupies a mere 6 chapters in the Hebrew Bible, has he become so important in later tradition so as to stand for Prophecy as Moses stands for Law?

It’s a thorough investigation taking readers through the biblical texts up to modern art and music.  It’s a true ‘Reception-History’ of Elijah.

The High Cost of Parental Squabbling

Parents who are separating or divorcing often (sadly) use the kids as weapons against one another.  It’s always wrong.  It’s never right.  And when it ends in murder, it’s purely evil.

The bodies of a missing 2-year-old Sacramento girl and her father were discovered last night in the man’s vehicle, nearly a week after he took her during a child custody dispute, authorities say. Madeline Samaan-Fay and Mourad “Moni” Samaan, 49, were found dead in his green Toyota 4Runner in a rural area near Placerville, about 45 miles northeast of the capital.

Cause of death is still undetermined.  Still, given the situation it isn’t too hard to guess.  Dad killed daughter so the child’s mother couldn’t have her.  Parents using their children against the real object of their hatred…  it’s just another manifestation of the greatest of all human sicknesses, pervading every atom of our persons, total depravity.

Another Brilliant Book

I commend to your attention this excellent collection of essays on the exile, as history, and as ideology.

Especially engaging is the paper by Barstad titled The Strange Fear of the Bible.   And fun as ever is the one by Davies titled Exile? What Exile? Whose Exile?

There are other good ones too.  It came out in 1998 so you probably have never even heard of it.  I picked up my copy a good time back and don’t even recall where!

Finding good things one has read in the past and rediscovering them again in the present is very much like meeting an old friend.

Rick Perry Gets Scarier All the Time

Indeed, he’s becoming more than a little frightening and apocalyptic as more information about his supporters comes to light.  Is it really possible that anyone could vote to support him and his circle of theocratic lunatics?

Is a Feminine Hitler any Less a Monster?

Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies ...

This is so strange.

After several attempts to kill Hitler by bombings and assasination,

Now it has come to light that British spies looked at an even more audacious way of derailing the man behind the German war machine – by giving him female sex hormones.  Agents planned to smuggle doses of oestrogen into his food to make him less aggressive and more like his docile younger sister Paula, who worked as a secretary.  Spies working for the British were close enough to Hitler to have access to his food, said Professor Brian Ford, who discovered the plot.  He explained that oestrogen was chosen because it was tasteless and would have a slow and subtle effect, meaning it would pass Hitler’s food testers unnoticed.

Did they think making him womanish would change his nature?  Women can be as monstrous as men.  Sometimes more so.

Zwingli on the Eucharist, Again

The topic occupied so much of Huldrych Zwingli’s time in the latter half of the 1520’s that numerous books and Flugschriften were produced. One of them, the Responsio brevis Huldrychi Zvinglij ad epistolam satis longam amici cuiusdam haud vulgaris, in qua de Eucharistia quaestio tractatur, appeared on the 14th of August in 1526.

The subject raised questions all around and the book at hand was written as a response to questions raised by one Jakob Edlibach. In 39 paragraphs Zwingli patiently addressed every issue Edlibach was concerned about and spelled out, for the umpteenth time, his view of the Supper.

You can read it here.

Today’s Book Recommendation

The Indiana Fair Death Toll

The death toll from a stage collapsing at the Indiana State Fair has climbed to five, Indiana State Police Sgt. Dave Bursten said Sunday.  A massive burst of wind tore down the stage Saturday night. More than 40 people were injured.  “A big gust of wind came through. You could see a lot of people panicking,” said Aaron Richman, who witnessed the collapse. “All the scaffolding and speakers — all that came crashing down — and the whole stand just collapsed.”  The fair is closed Sunday, officials said.

So CNN.  Very tragic.  Almost Job-ian.

Tim Pawlenty Is Out

He’s quit.  Darn.  And I was going to vote for him…

 Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty is dropping out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination.  Pawlenty told supporters on a conference call Sunday morning that he would announce on ABC’s “This Week” that he was ending his campaign after a disappointing finish in the Iowa straw poll on Saturday.

I guess I’ll just have to keep looking.  Bummer.


The standard by which all preaching should be compared is the Scripture and not the opinions of a fallen culture that is wise in it own eyes.  –  Paul Washer

Kosher Food Isn’t A Right

A federal judge has ruled that a Jewish inmate in a New York jail does not have a constitutionally protected right to matzoh and grape juice.

Christopher Henry, who was charged with first-degree sodomy, claimed permanent trauma andmalnourishment and requested nearly $10 billion in damages for what he called a violation of hisFirst Amendment right to religious freedom.  Henry didn’t request matzoh for Passover, the Jewish holiday during which it is traditionally eaten. Instead, Henry claimed he had a right to have the unleavened bread served daily and grape juice every Friday.  But on August 2, U.S. Southern District Judge Shira Scheindlin held that the Rikers Island jail could deny Henry his request in the interests of maintaining order and keeping costs reasonable.

“Providing individualized meals to a single inmate might well foster an impression of favoritism, which could lead to jealousy and resentment among the inmate population, which in turn could cause tension and threaten prison security,” she wrote.

I think he should subsist on bread and water alone.  Period.  Prisoners – and especially child rapists and murderers – deserve no special consideration whatsoever.

Quote of the Day

“To clasp hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder in the world” – Karl Barth