Logos 4: My Recommendation to Logos Software

Yesterday Cliff mentioned the impending availability of the Duke Papyri collection from Logos, for free.  I signed right up, having Logos 3 and having used it for a long time.

Alas, I learned later on that Logos 4.3 is required for using the new, free resource.   Dismayed, I shared with Cliff via Twitter that such was the case.

He replied that I could in fact download the ‘core’ of Logos 4.3 for free, which I did (though it took most of the night- it’s a 1.5 gigabyte file and I’m on simple DSL).

It auto-installed once it was downloaded and when I checked it this morning I was really pleasantly surprised and pleased.  It’s a vast, vast improvement over Logos 3.  Night and day, actually.

 The welcome screen

the exegetical screen

I’m so impressed that I’m going to buy the upgrade package.  And here’s my recommendation to Logos:

1- Prominently display the link to the Logos 4 core download on the home page under something like ‘try it out before you buy it’.  If everyone else is as happy with it as I am I’m fairly sure they will have considerably more purchases.

2- Publicize the free download on the Logos blog and elsewhere.  Trying to find it on the Logos site isn’t the simplest thing and frankly I never would have known about it if Cliff hadn’t told me on the Twitter.  Get the word out.  Literally.

As I mentioned in a recent review of BibleWorks 9, it’s my go to resource for exegetical work in terms of biblical studies software.  As I also mentioned, the strength of Logos is its huge collection of secondary literature.  I still think that’s true.  But Logos 4 is much better for exegesis than Logos 3.  And that’s a certainty.

Combined, the resources for exegesis in BibleWorks 9 and the (mainly) secondary resources available in Logos 4 ‘have it all’.

I guess what I’m saying is, you probably need both.  Skip lunch at McDonalds for a couple of months and get both.

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One thought on “Logos 4: My Recommendation to Logos Software

  1. Doug 13 Aug 2011 at 9:33 am

    You are such a geek, Jim. I hope you have hours of fun with it.


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