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The Most Interesting Essay on Job You’ll Read This Year

Is by David J.A. Clines in this enjoyable volume published by the Lit Verlag (and which can be had in North America through Eisenbrauns).

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Job, You Ask Some Good Questions

Why do the wicked live, reach old age, and grow mighty in power? Their offspring are established in their presence, and their descendants before their eyes. Their houses are safe from fear, and no rod of God is upon them. … Continue reading

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The Boycott Of Israel Explained

In Al-Jazeera Author and history professor Mark LeVine speaks with sociologist Lisa Taraki, a co-founder of the Palestinian campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. Mark LeVine: What is the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions” movement and how is it … Continue reading

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All Hale President Bachmann

The HuffPo says of the straw thing in Iowa Michele Bachmann appears to have blown the doors off this thing, with reports of at least 6,000 votes. Ron Paul aides tell me they passed out 4,700 or 4,800 tickets. And … Continue reading

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The Life of Brian, Redone

The Guardian tells us The story behind the making of the film and the religious storm it caused are the subject of Holy Flying Circus. And moreover Holy Flying Circus will tell the story of the making of Life of … Continue reading

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What a Fine Representation of the Soaring Glory of God

Nicolas Pictet has posted this beautiful photo of Laon Cathedral (near Reims) on the Facebook: You can see heaven, but you can’t touch it unaided!

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Dorothy King’s Very Interesting Post

On a first century victim of crucifixion.  Quite nicely done and nicely illustrated.  You’ll enjoy it.

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Every Televised Soccer Game

Oh this is nice!  Every league of significance and every game all around the world and what channel it is on.  It’s soccer heaven!

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Another Quote of the Day

Our life is superficial without depth or meaning so long as it does not have its roots in eternity. — Emil Brunner

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The Core Problem of the Angry Atheist

Lack of humility. They can’t explain God’s governance of the world and so they deny that God exists. They should pay attention to the sage remarks of Emil Brunner: A man who proposes to ‘explain’ God’s government of the world … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The fundamentalist would do well to cover his mouth where God is silent.   The postmodernist would do well to cover his mouth when God speaks – Jeff Park

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135: That’s the Number of Google+ Invites I have

You’re welcome to one of them.  It’s really quite useful.

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Fox News and Friends Should Rename Themselves Fox Hypocrites and Liars

If you missed Jon Stewarts exposing the hypocrisy of Fox on the subject of ‘entitlements’ do yourself a favor and see it here.  Honestly I just don’t comprehend how anyone with so much as half a brain can believe Fox.  … Continue reading

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The REAL Rick Perry

He’s false more than he’s true.  And he’s true more than other Texan politicians.  Says volumes, really. No one in Texas politics has faced the Truth-O-Meter more than Rick Perry, who’s gotten more True ratings than anyone else in the … Continue reading

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The London Riots: A First Hand Account

The Telegraph has a really engaging essay from first hand of the London riots. A police officer, whose anonymous blog has captivated thousands, tells of his shock, exhaustion and terror after confronting the mob. I have worked every night and … Continue reading

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Logos 4: My Recommendation to Logos Software

Yesterday Cliff mentioned the impending availability of the Duke Papyri collection from Logos, for free.  I signed right up, having Logos 3 and having used it for a long time. Alas, I learned later on that Logos 4.3 is required … Continue reading

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