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Martin Luther: On Reading and Books

Luther advised all who proposed to study, in what art soever, to read some sure and certain books over and over again; for to read many sorts of books produces rather confusion than any distinct result; just as those who … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: On Discord

When two goats meet upon a narrow bridge over deep water, how do they behave? neither of them can turn back again, neither can pass the other, because the bridge is too narrow; if they should thrust one another, they … Continue reading

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Martin Luther: On Lawyers

Every lawyer is sorely vexed at me because I preach so harshly against the craft; but I say I, as a preacher, must reprove what is wrong and evil. If I reproved them, as Martin Luther, they need not regard … Continue reading

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NT Wright’s Distortion of Paul (And Luther)

In joining »faith« to »faithfulness« Wright construes faith as fundamentally active. For this reason, »faith« for him serves as a »sign,« »emblem,« or »badge,« a visible mark of the Christian. Precisely here Wright sets himself at odds with the apostle, … Continue reading

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Well FINALLY, Some Good News!

I’ve been invited to move to Italy for a ‘new and exciting job opportunity‘!!!!  Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I’ll definitely let you know how it goes.

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Why’d That Maryland Psychiatrist Kill Her Son and Then Her Self?

Money.  (What else). Although family members said they were stunned by the killings, they also said [Margaret] Jensvold had become increasingly strained by financial pressure and by anguished fights with the county public school system over the special-needs education of … Continue reading

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The New London 2012 Olympic Logo


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Good – Gridlock Ensured and The Economy Soon to be Completely Decimated

Thanks Congress.  This is the best thing that could ever happen to the Democratic party, and the Republicans don’t have the foresight or sense to see it. In a move that could deadlock the 12-member panel over taxes, but perhaps … Continue reading

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The British Priest Who Encouraged Looters

What the heck? In Toxteth, a Catholic priest has been arrested for giving directions to looting youths telling them that, “there is a massive range of hi-tech goods and trainers a mile down the road at the local abortion clinic, … Continue reading

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‘Be Sure, Your Sins Will Make you Known’

The Dougherty gang’s time on the lam is over. Police in Colorado arrested 20-something siblings Ryan, Dylan, and Lee Grace after a high-speed car chase in which shots were fired, reports NBC 9. No injuries have been reported. They doubtless … Continue reading

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Our Breast Obsessed Culture

The ‘big breast’ syndrome isn’t just affecting 20 and 30 somethings (and preteens) – even the elderly are smitten of it. And they ought to know better! Marie Kolstad, an energetic property manager from Orange County, Calif., needed a lift … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Eric Cline!

Winner of the BAS Book Award (for the third time!!!!) Congrats, Eric, well deserved!

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Guns Are Too Easy to Get In America

And I can’t say I’m a fan of it.  But every now and then, I reconsider my position.  After all, if some gun owners are self-sterilizing, it can’t be all that bad can it?  The gene pool surely does need … Continue reading

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Cowardly Politicians

Utterly unsurprising, Congress folk who have gone home to raise funds for themselves (that’s what they’re always doing) aren’t at all interested in facing the music for their incompetence. The town hall season is upon us and members of congress … Continue reading

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Scott’s Mad at Me

Though he’s too polite to say so. I’m used to people being mad at me- for a lot of reasons. And it’s ok. I’m not going to be a different person just to make folk happy. I will continue to … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

At the commencement of his sermon on ‘Freedom of Choice Concerning Foods’ Huldrych Zwingli insists Read and understand!  Open your eyes and the ears of your heart and listen perceptively to what the Spirit of God says to us! Indeed. … Continue reading

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Gov. Perry, ‘Faith Without Works is Dead’

As James rightly notes- Whoever acts without mercy will be judged without mercy but mercy can afford to laugh at judgement. How does it help, my brothers, when someone who has never done a single good act claims to have … Continue reading

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Atheism’s Inconvenient Truth

No one disbelieves the existence of God except the person to whom God’s existence is not convenient. — A. Schopenhauer And Atheism is abnormal and unnatural, based not on intuitions but on inferential proofs and fallible reasoning, it is never … Continue reading

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Today’s Book Recommendation

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Pakistan Will Do Anything for Money

Including but not limited to sheltering Osama bin Laden.  According to the Telegraph Osama bin Laden was protected by elements of Pakistan’s security apparatus in return for millions of dollars of Saudi cash, according to a controversial new account of … Continue reading

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