Tottenham: The Police Stood By and Did Nothing

Britain’s biggest police force is facing criticism after it let looters run riot in north London for almost 12 hours, in some of the worst scenes of street disturbances seen in recent years.


The Metropolitan Police said it was focused on containing violent disorder in Tottenham on Saturday night, which left dozens of officers injured and saw squad cars, shops and flats burned to the ground. But its tactics meant gangs of youths were free to break into stores at nearby Tottenham Hale retail park and in Wood Green, with looters forming an orderly queue in broad daylight to steal from a sports shop. Riot police did not intervene to stop the looting in some areas until 7.30am the following morning, almost 12 hours after the riots began, and last night there were fresh disturbances in Enfield.

Are they kidding? Are the incapable of preserving property and life at the same time??? Are they incompetent? The whole nasty thing is an outrageous display of depravity; both on the part of the hoodlums and thugs and on the part of the inept police.

And London is hosting the Olympics?  I wouldn’t go had I tickets.  If the police let teen scum rum riot they won’t be able to stop determined terrorists.

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  1. Well, the whole idea of “private property” is very different in the UK than in the US. I know the “Bobby” doesn’t carry a gun either, but I guess the riot police might. I know what would happen in my native TX, shop owner would not wait on police to defend their property… But that’s why I’d never want to live in a country that didn’t allow me to own a gun (and use it to defend my family’s life and property) – Luke 22:36


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