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Washington – This is Why Americans Despise You

NPR has hit the nail on the head: people in Washington are just petty whiny bickering imbeciles.  (NPR doesn’t say it quite like that, but their report makes it plain.  Give it a read).

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James McGrath Goes to Dinner…

Diners in Japan looking for a moving experience over dinner can now order a squid that dances off their plate.  A restaurant has created a dish, named Odori don – literally meaning dancing squid rice bowl –  by adding soy … Continue reading

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Tottenham: The Police Stood By and Did Nothing

Britain’s biggest police force is facing criticism after it let looters run riot in north London for almost 12 hours, in some of the worst scenes of street disturbances seen in recent years. Worse The Metropolitan Police said it was … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Heroes are Today’s Scorned

It has been a bittersweet anniversary for Chile’s rescued miners, who were honored as heroes in their home town only to come under attack by anti-government protesters who threw fruit and small stones at them, accusing them of being ungrateful, … Continue reading

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America, Where if you Have a Disagreement, You Grab a Gun

Authorities say a family argument in Ohio ended in the shooting deaths of eight people in two places, including an 11-year-old. Another person was wounded.  Copley Township police Chief Michael Mier tells WKYC-TV one person shot five people to death … Continue reading

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Dry Bones

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Is Twittered Misinformation to Blame for London’s Riots?

London braced on Sunday for more violence after some of the worst riots seen in the British capital for years which politicians and police blamed on criminal thugs but residents attributed to local tensions and anger over hardship.  Rioters throwing … Continue reading

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Why’s Everyone Mad at Standard and Poor’s?

I find it amusing that now a lot of talking heads and news outlets and especially the White House are calling S&P’s credibility into question when they never did so when the US had  its AAA rating. It really seems … Continue reading

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I Know a Number of Persons Who Should Move to Iran

Because there they’d learn to behave in public… Iranian police arrested 17 boys and girls over a water fight at a seaside park in the Islamic republic’s south, a senior judicial official said on Sunday.  “Seventeen young boys and girls … Continue reading

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Today’s Text: Ps 103

1 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and all that is within me, bless his holy name. 2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and do not forget all his benefits — 3 who forgives all your iniquity, who heals … Continue reading

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That’s Right, Force the Injured Vet to Pay Postage for his Purple Heart…

This is unutterably foul. War comes with an incalculable human cost. And apparently a shipping fee of about $21.  Retired Sgt. Major Rob Dickerson says that’s the price he was forced to pay when his Purple Heart — the medal … Continue reading

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