Yes, Starbucks Should Pull the Plug on Loafers

06 Aug

This week the question is asked.

Some of the java giant’s New York City coffee shops are cutting off customers who mistake the cafes for a home office … Is Starbucks justified in cracking down on parasitical laptop loafers?

Some say

No. Let them linger: One of the main functions of Starbucks is to offer an “oddly, slightly sticky armchair” for laptop users, says Zack Whittaker at ZDNet. After all, just last year, the company started providing free Wi-Fi. It’s a place where you can work and enjoy coffee, a wonderful alternative for students to the college library. While no one should get to sit there for hours on end without making a purchase, “blocking off the power points seems to be a step in the wrong direction.”

But I agree with those who say that

Actually, this is completely fair: “What in the world took them so long?” asks Kim Conte at The Stir. While I regularly snatch up a table and a power outlet at Starbucks, I understand that this new policy makes “perfect sense.” Laptop loafers rudely hog all of Starbucks’ space, leaving little room for other customers to enjoy their coffee. “If it takes covering up electrical outlets now and then to teach people to be more considerate, then so be it.”

Indeed. It’s tiresome to go into Starbucks for a cappuccino only to have to stand around to drink it because all the seats are taken by people on laptops who aren’t even drinking anything!

Kick the bums out, Starbucks. Kick the bums out.

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One response to “Yes, Starbucks Should Pull the Plug on Loafers

  1. Gerard

    7 Aug 2011 at 9:04 am

    Starbucks doesn’t like people who wear slip-on shoes?