God of the Living: A Biblical Theology

06 Aug

This looks fantastic:

In God of the Living, noted biblical scholars Reinhard Feldmeier and Hermann Spieckermann provide a comprehensive theology of the God of the Christian Bible. A remarkable achievement, God of the Living joins together the very best of Old and New Testament scholarship to craft a comprehensive biblical theology. Feldmeier and Spieckermann wrestle with the whole of scripture to give a definitive and decisive voice to the church’s central mission—bearing witness to the living God.

Both historical and systematic, God of the Living explores God’s multifaceted, complex, and sometimes contradictory character presented in the scriptures. Yet, whether in wrath or reconciliation, judgment or justification, suffering or salvation, God has given and shares divine life in the person of Jesus Christ. Thus, Feldmeier and Spieckermann uncover God’s profound affirmation of human life, as the God of the living—the God of the Bible—finds fulfillment in relation to the living partners of his own creation.

Baylor’s been doing some fantastic stuff the last few years.  D.V., I’ll lay hands on this one.

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  1. John Anderson

    7 Aug 2011 at 7:46 am

    Carey Newman, head of Baylor Press, has been outstanding at making Baylor Press a top notch publishing program. I too saw this book and have highly considered picking it up.