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What Rick Perry Doesn’t Know

The Apostle to the Gentiles knew quite well- and says quite profoundly in his letter to the Romans- If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up … Continue reading

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God of the Living: A Biblical Theology

This looks fantastic: In God of the Living, noted biblical scholars Reinhard Feldmeier and Hermann Spieckermann provide a comprehensive theology of the God of the Christian Bible. A remarkable achievement, God of the Living joins together the very best of … Continue reading

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New and Forthcoming Volumes in Targum Studies

Via Paul Flesher The Targums: A Critical Introduction, Paul V.M. Flesher and Bruce Chilton Waco, TX: Baylor University Press, 2011 –A new introduction to the Targums of more than 500 pages, covering Targums to the Pentateuch, to the Prophets and … Continue reading

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Yes, Starbucks Should Pull the Plug on Loafers

This week the question is asked. Some of the java giant’s New York City coffee shops are cutting off customers who mistake the cafes for a home office … Is Starbucks justified in cracking down on parasitical laptop loafers? Some … Continue reading

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Even the E-Trade Baby has Lost His Shirt

Look what you’ve done, Congress, look what you’ve done! We despise you!

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Calvin: On Why God Punishes Sin with Death

Let the children of God remember that all sin is mortal, because it is rebellion against the will of God, and necessarily provokes his anger; and because it is a violation of the Law, against every violation of which, without … Continue reading

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America, Repeat After Me…

ἡ ἐπιθυμία συλλαβοῦσα τίκτει ἁμαρτίαν, ἡ δὲ ἁμαρτία ἀποτελεσθεῖσα ἀποκύει θάνατον. (Jam 1:15)

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What Monday Will Look Like on Wall Street

It will look just like this. Saudi shares drop 5.5 percent to their lowest close in nearly five months, weighed by petrochemical and banking shares, after S&P downgraded the United States’ credit rating.   The United States lost its top-tier AAA … Continue reading

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Is Democracy Done in Israel and is it About to Become a Theocracy?

In the opinion of MJ Rosenberg, New laws aim to make democracy subservient to the orthodox religious beliefs of a minority of citizens. He so truthfully observes Netanyahu has no interest in negotiations. What he wants is to prevent the … Continue reading

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Umm… Self Hosting Your Blog May Not be the Best Move…

Look what happened to poor J.R. Daniel Kirk– his blog is infected with malware and google searches point folk looking for erectile dysfunction medicines right to him: Conversely, my WordPress hosted blog is protected from such wickedness: But then on … Continue reading

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More on the Taliban Attack on the American Helicopter

@DavidMuirABC tweets #BREAKING AP: Majority of those killed in helicopter crash from Navy SEAL Team 6 @martharaddatz reports tonight @abcworldnews #Afghanistan The wicked Taliban will rejoice.

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How Academic Celebrities Distort Learning

Or, how academia serves the wider purposes of government policy. James Crossley has been arguing that academics, and especially biblical scholars, often serve the policies of western governments. He’s not alone in that opinion. This book looks like something everyone … Continue reading

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It’s Nice To See How the Church Kids Really Feel…

From Facebook, where I’m friends with Brandon, one of our Church kids (and I call him a kid even though he’s married to a wonderful wife and they have a beautiful little girl). I’ve known him most of his life … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“What is of man uses manipulation to conform. What is of God uses implantation to transform.”  — AW Tozer

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Get Up and Get That Kid Out of Here!

Nothing says more about the spirit of a Church than its treatment of children.  So would your church tell someone to leave because their child was autistic? I have been asked to leave church more than once because my son … Continue reading

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Who is a Christian?

To be one who trusts God and is holy – that is to be a Christian.  –  Huldrych Zwingli

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A Picture is Worth… Somalia

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Dysfunctional Politics

No, not the credit downgrade, the war in Afghanistan’s rising toll on American lives. A Nato Chinook helicopter has been shot down by Taliban insurgents, killing 31 American special forces soldiers in one of the worst single incidents in Afghanistan. … Continue reading

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