The “Large Stone Structure” in Jerusalem: Reality versus Yearning

Israel Finkelstein’s latest essay which has just appeared in ZDPV 127 (2011) 1, addresses the following:

Two opposing interpretations of recent finds in E. MAZAR’s excavations in the City of David have now been presented to the scholarly community. The first was published by the excavator herself and is fully supported by A. MAZAR. Much of the E. MAZAR/A. MAZAR analysis is now backed by A. FAUST.

The second interpretation of the finds, based on the results of the first season of excavation at the site in 2005, was presented by Z. HERZOG, L. SINGER-AVITZ, D. USSISHKIN and the present author.

Finkelstein discusses the differences between the vying viewpoints and concludes that Mazar et al’s interpretation of the data is simply wrong.

It’s a grand piece and worth reading.

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