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It’s Official: US Credit isn’t Creditable

The Washington Post has just noted The United States credit rating was downgraded for the first time Friday night, after a bipartisan debt deal signed into law this week failed to assuage concerns about the nation’s growing spending, according to … Continue reading

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Wikipedia is In Trouble (Finally)

Wikipedia is in danger of wasting away as contributors jump ship and aren’t replaced by new ones, founder Jimmy Wales says. “We are not replenishing our ranks,” he tells the AP. “It is not a crisis, but I consider it to … Continue reading

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Comment Policy Reminder

It’s time, I see, to repost my comment policy: 1- I don’t approve anonymous comments.  If you sign your post ‘dillweed’ or ‘crackpot’ or ‘slappy’ it won’t be approved, period.  If you can’t own your words, go elsewhere. 2- If … Continue reading

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Let’s Admit it, The US Credit Rating Should be Lowered

We have a House of Representatives whose majority has signed a devil’s pact refusing to raise taxes. Given that reality and the fact that the economy is in the tank and we can’t pay our national debt without artificially raising … Continue reading

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Ah Dittersdorf… Wondrous

The perfect way to start the weekend.

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Republicans Need to Stop Lying About the Taxes the Rich Pay

Some harsh figures are tucked into newly released income tax data from 2009: As the economy shed jobs, so too did the country shed taxpayers. Two million fewer individuals and couples filed with the IRS, while some 1,470 people earning … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Hebrew and the LXX, and Final Observations

Frequently it’s necessary to examine the Hebrew text of the Old Testament side by side with the LXX.  BibleWorks 9 makes it simple as pie.  One need simply open up the program, go to the OT text one is exegeting, … Continue reading

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Holland, You Disappoint Me

You should rid your ranks of rank ‘clergy’ like this cancer– An imposing figure in black robes and white clerical collar, Mr Hendrikse presides over the Sunday service at the Exodus Church in Gorinchem, central Holland.  It is part of … Continue reading

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Maybe the Jewish Ultra-Orthodox (Fundamentalists) Are on to Something This Time…

They’ve decided, in their infinite ‘wisdom’, to ban the iPod.  Makes sense to me.  After all, you can’t control what goes on the things and there’s no way to turn them off or sync them to your own music library… … Continue reading

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The Jerusalem Post’s Stupidity

In an unusual move for a newspaper, the Jerusalem Post has published a full-length editorial apologising for a previous editorial which attracted widespread criticism for its comments on last month’s Oslo massacre. Titled Apology to Norway, Friday’s editorial in Israel‘s … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“God answers our prayers not because we are good, but because He is good.”  — AW Tozer

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The Best Compliment Ever

From an elderly lady, who emails Jim, I wanted to tell you that I’ve been attending church all my life and no one has ever helped me understand the Bible the way you have. You’re so clear that even I … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Mom Who Murdered her Son Because he was ‘Too Fat’

And then she killed herself.  And she was a psychiatrist.  She must have been to psychiatry what ’emergent’ belief is to Christian theology.  What barbarous insanity. A prominent Maryland psychiatrist specializing in women’s health shot her 13-year-old son dead before … Continue reading

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Rick Warren Wants People to be Biblically Literate

If only he were.

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Atheists, it Seems Jon Stewart isn’t a Fan

The HuffPo alerts us to the slamming the silly angry atheists take from Jon Stewart over the World Trade Center cross. http://media.mtvnservices.com/mgid:cms:item:comedycentral.com:393956 Those angry atheists really are feckless whiny jerks. Related articles Jon Stewart Goes After Atheists for Opposing Cross … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: Meth Milk Momma and the Dead Baby

Mother claims it wasn’t her meth laced breast milk which killed her baby.  It was something else…   So what killed the little one?  Zombies? Charges against a California mother have been upgraded from manslaughter to second-degree murder this week … Continue reading

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Obama is Licking up the Crumbs From Bibi’s Table

Unsurprisingly Dan Shapiro, the new American ambassador to Israel, submitted his credentials to President Shimon Peres on Wednesday. That same day, he submitted a declaration of support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: In an interview with Channel 2 television, he … Continue reading

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While ABC’s GMA Airs the Newest Wretched Singer, The Rest of the World Watches the Horror in Syria

The BBC has video footage of the destruction the government of Syria is bringing down on the heads of its own people. Syrian state TV has broadcast new images from inside the besieged city of Hama, showing rubble-strewn streets and … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Maps

Too much cannot be said of the map modules BW9 contains.  First, there are a number that users can choose from: The images and remarks below are all based on the BibleWorks map module.  First, then, this powerful map-set contains … Continue reading

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Aren’t All Politicians Drunk When They Sign Legislation?

I’m sure this Mayor didn’t do anything at all that all other politicians haven’t and don’t presently do. Mayor Martin Resendiz says he was drunk when he signed nine contracts with a California company that is now suing the city … Continue reading

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