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Enough is Indeed Enough

Forrest Jones was a burly, 235-pound lineman whose life was cut short when he overheated during a voluntary workout for the upcoming high school football season. His body cooked, his organs shut down and he passed away Tuesday after trying … Continue reading

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Discussing Somalia

ABC News tweets Follow & join @DavidMuirABC for a live Twitter Q&A tomorrow at 1 pm ET about his trip to Kenya & Somalia using this #AfricaFamine. I think I shall.

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At Funeral Parlors the Cosmetics Lie Thick

We try to avoid death. At funeral parlors the cosmetics lie thick. We apply euphemisms to every aspect of the finality of death. In modernity, ‘death has replaced sex as the subject too obscene for polite society’. – Thomas Oden … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

The recurrence and universality and persistent vitality of belief in survival after death suggests that it is so knitted into human consciousness that it cannot be repressed without denying our fundamental humanity. — Thomas Oden

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Book Recommendation: Thomas Oden’s Systematic Theology

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New at Bible and Interpretation: How Are Visitors Received?

Here’s an interesting one at B&I. Overkill, underplay, backbiting, misrepresentation, polemics, unfortunately, are staples at annual meetings. More than most of my Jewish colleagues, I can understand Messianic Jews attempting a foothold at the SBL conference. And that is why … Continue reading

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Warren Jeffs: Guilty

ABC is just reporting Warren Jeffs found guilty on all counts, child sexual assault and aggravated child sexual assault. The pedophile will enjoy prison.

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How Do You Like Tea (Partiers) Now, Republicans?

The Market doesn’t.  The absurd bickering and the senseless policy of economic collapse underpinning the tea partiers approach to governance (because smart people know that when the economy is sputtering the government must spend) has ‘come home to roost’. The … Continue reading

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This is What Happens When you get your Babysitter From Craigslist

A Knox County babysitter was arrested Monday morning after neighbors discovered a two-year-old child alone in her house.  The sheriff’s office says Amy Gann, 29, left her home with the toddler locked in an upstairs bedroom alone.  Witnesses saw the … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Getting Help

First I don’t think it’s necessary to point out that I’m a computer user, not a computer whiz nor a programmer.  So I know basic things like how to turn it off and on and how to get to programs … Continue reading

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More Israeli Encroachment

Israel’s interior ministry has given final approval for the construction of 900 new homes in the east Jerusalem settlement neighborhood of Har Homa, a ministry spokeswoman told AFP on Thursday. “This is a program which was approved by the regional … Continue reading

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Congress: What A Load of Dullards

Congress keeps whining about how America needs jobs and meanwhile its inaction over funding the FAA’s operations has cost 70,000 workers a paycheck. What’s wrong with you, Congress?  You just really don’t care at all do you, in spite of … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Lexicons and Grammars

Another very useful aspect of the program is its inclusion of major lexica and grammars for both Hebrew and Greek (and Aramaic of course).  Enlarge the image below to see a list of the Hebrew Grammars- When you go to … Continue reading

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Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: Second Edition

IVP Academic have sent a copy of the second edition of Baker and Green’s Recovering the Scandal of the Cross:  Atonement in the New Testament and Contemporary Contexts. Since its publication in 2000, Recovering the Scandal of the Cross has … Continue reading

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I Don’t Use E-Readers, But Someone Might

And if they do- this might be of interest: Illya Antonenko (OSNOVA) has made available the SBL Greek New Testament as an e-book for Amazon’s Kindle:   SBL GNT for Kindle.

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‘How the Mighty Have Fallen’: The Latest Bibledex Video

As usual, well done!

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Absurdity: Vogue’s Pedophilia

Vogue (the French edition) has a 10 year old on its cover and she’s the featured model, splayed on the pages in poses like this and worse: She’s 10.  She’s sexualized and the only sort of person who would come … Continue reading

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Palestinans Apply for U.N. Recognition

It’s time. Actually, it’s past time.

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America’s Reactionary Feminists

Go get ’em Al Jazeera! A-J asks What do Palin and Bachmann have that make them so appealing to the American public? I don’t know. A lot of foolish voters? Both Bachmann and Palin are regularly derided in the mainstream … Continue reading

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Facebook Your Way to Jail

A Clayton County man said a SWAT team swarmed his house because of something his 17-year-old son posted on Facebook.  Police told Channel 2 Action News that Jonathan Oliver posted pictures of himself waving a gun along with comments that … Continue reading

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