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Having a Mac in the House Has Destroyed Me

This is what Rachel’s new Mac has done to me… Oh the cruelty of being deformed by the Mac.  Mac’s are of Satan.

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BibleWorks 9: Versions

Another very, very useful piece of the program is the huge selection of versions.  A whole range of Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, and Latin texts are available but there are even more of many other major and minor languages. Given my … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: The SBL GNT

I mentioned earlier that the one thing that BW8 had which wasn’t included in BW9 was the SBL GNT.  Thanks to a commentator I’ve since downloaded and installed it with no difficulty at all.

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Bible and Interpretation’s ‘Philip Davies’ Collection

Articles by Philip Davies By the Rivers of Babylon Beyond Labels: What Comes Next? Are There Ethics in the Hebrew Bible? Watch Your Language! Whose Bible? Anyone’s? Biblical History and Cultural Memory Do We Need Biblical Scholars? Final Comments on … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Searching

The brilliance of the program is most plainly evidenced, I think, in its search capacity. Simply highlight a phrase (in any language- it works for all the installed bible editions) and on the left panel a listing of every occurrence … Continue reading

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Gov. Perry’s Prayer Call: Is it Scriptural?

2 Chr 7:14-16 would indicate that it is.  That’s one Scripture that I’m sure will be heard at the rally. But I do understand the sentiments of those who have misgivings about the mixing of State with Church.  And I … Continue reading

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The Fastest Growing Site in History? Google + (Maybe)

Google+ now has 25 million users, according to analytics firm comScore. That’s very impressive, especially considering that the site is working off an invitation-only model for expansion.  In a Reuters report, comScore said that number cements the new network as … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: And Yet, Something’s Missing

In BibleWorks 8 users could download and install a copy of the SBL Greek New Testament.  That edition isn’t however, available in the new BibleWorks 9 software. I don’t know if it will be made available for download for BW9, … Continue reading

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Politicians at all Levels are Insane Perverts

It’s not just the National or State guys who have problems with being decent.  Even the lowly local guys can demonstrate true stupidity.  Like this New Jersey lad- Yes, another politician has been brought low by snapshots of his junk, … Continue reading

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The ‘Caption the Eric Cline Photo’ Contest

UPDATE:  And the Winner is!!!!!  George Athas (for his sheer tenacity!).  George, email me your address and I’ll send it along. Here’s a photo of Prof. Cline on the last day of the dig at Tell Kabri (shamelessly stolen from … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Greek Manuscripts

The most exciting aspect of the new BibleWorks 9 program is the inclusion of Greek manuscripts including Vaticanus and Sinaiticus and Bezae and a number of others (as you’ll see below)(click to enlarge). Users can easily choose whichever manuscript they … Continue reading

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BibleWorks 9: Installation

BW 9 arrived as promised today and before it did an email with unlocking codes also arrived.   Along with the materials unlocked with the installation of the program the additional codes allow me to access a number of recent English … Continue reading

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The Germans Get it, Why Don’t Americans?

“And what does this [American economic crisis] mean for Germany!? This question might be egocentric, but not unjustified, when the news comes from the US, that the country with the largest economy in the world now is economizing. The answer … Continue reading

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The Bibil Bulletin

The forthcoming edition of the Bibil  (Biblical Bibliography of Lausanne) Bulletin has been announced. The new Bulletin (volume 19 – 2011) is in production and will be available in September 2011. Have a look at the Table of Contents. If … Continue reading

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Ten Years of Tax Breaks for the Wealthy: Who to Blame?

See what greed has done. The 2001 and 2003 tax cuts combined have blown a $2.5 trillion hole in America’s budget and created deficits stretching on for years. Who to thank?  Congress (dems and repubs) and the Second Bush (for … Continue reading

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Centre for the Study of Christian Origins Leadership Change

With best wishes to Larry on his retirement! And congratulations to Helen for her new responsibilities. With thanks to Joseph Lauer for the heads up. (Larry Hurtado): As of 01 August, I formally retired from my post in the University … Continue reading

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Forced Terminations are on the Rise

The Baptist and Reflector has a worth reading report on the incidences of forced termination of church staff and Pastors.  A hint: they’re on the rise. In addition to gathering statistics about the number of forced terminations, the survey also … Continue reading

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On Death: An Observation

Death ends the choosing process enmeshed in time.  — Thomas Oden

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KJV 400: Legacy and Impact

Union University is hosting a symposium celebrating the 400th anniversary of the KJV.  You can find all the details here. If you’re in the region it might be something you’d like to attend.

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The Anniversary of the Birth of Martin Noth

Martin Noth, famed (and rightly so) Old Testament scholar was born on the 3rd of August, 1902.  Probably best known for his work on the history of Israel, Noth also wrote widely and extensively on nearly every aspect of OT … Continue reading

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