Not Very Funny Now, is It Mr. Grogan?

What kind of father points a pellet gun at his daughter and shoots at her?  Why a drunk one of course…  And while he may have thought it funny at the time, I bet he doesn’t think it’s such a hoot now.

Donald Grogan, 52, of McCampbell Lane, was released from the Monroe County Jail after posting a $3,000 bond on charges of public intoxication and reckless endangerment, records show. He faces an Aug. 16 court date.  Grogan was arrested Saturday by a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was alerted by park rangers with the Cherokee National Forest that a man had shot his daughter, records state. The incident occurred at Warden Fields near Indian Boundary.

His punishment should be having to stand next to a barrier and shot with a pellet gun several times while drunken buffoons stand by and laugh.

“Mr. Grogan did admit to drinking all day,” the officer wrote.  “When I asked him about shooting his daughter with the pellet gun, he stated that she was at the sand pile playing and it was just an amazing shot.”

‘An amazing shot’….  Good grief.  What a wretch.  It’s clearly time for Prohibition to return and all those found guilty of violating drinking laws sent to Texas.