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You raise ’em, you clothe them, and watch over them and when they grow up and buy their own cars and computers they turn on you.

And I know whereof I speak because Rachel, our daughter, bought her own computer today and she purchased… a Mac Pro Book…

I failed miserably as a father.  If I were Japanese and living in the 18th century I know what I would have to do.

Thanks So Much!

To whomsoever got this for me from my wishlist! I don’t know who you are, but you have my heartfelt gratitude.

When Divorcing Your (Political Party) Partner is Not Only Acceptable, But Desirable

I left the party a long time ago.  I just couldn’t take the sliminess and greasiness and underhandedness and deception.  Christian has reasons of his own which you’ll want to read.  One thing we both agree on 100% is, it’s not me, it’s you, Democratic Party, it’s YOU!

For years I’ve known you were spineless, afraid of your own shadows.  I’ve seen those who dare proudly wear the label of “liberal” marginalized by those of you who say you’re liberal, but govern as center-right.  I’ve seen the growing influence of corporate America pull you further and further from all those things that ‘the left’ holds dear, all in the name of campaign contributions and reelection.  Yet I’ve stood by you, hoping against hope that you’d return to your roots and actually act like liberals again.  No more.

BibleWorks 9: The Coming Review

The folk at BibleWorks have sent along a copy of BW9 for review and according to UPS it ought to arrive tomorrow.  My review will commence with such things as installation and ease of use and then proceed to content and other matters.

Stay tuned.

Oxford’s Excavation at Petra: Some Brilliant Photos

Take a look– with thanks to Chris Rollston for pointing it out.

Interior of Tomb 781 – view towards back left corner

The Debt Deal has Passed the Senate… What Does it Mean?

Here’s the best tweet in the aftermath-

Beyond that, the winners are the rich because they won’t be affected by it at all.  They get to keep more percentage of income than the poor and middle class.  The losers?  The poor and the middle class.  They will have to see services cut and jobs lost.  Thanks, President Obama, and Congress.  You guys to a man (and woman) really are ‘for the people’ (as long as they’re very rich).

Congratulations to Jonathan and His New Bride!

Jonathan Stökl of the University College, London (formerly of Oxford U), and fellow member of the Society for Old Testament Study, just married. Above are a just a couple of the wedding photos which I ripped off from his FB album. I wanted to say – most publicly – Congratulations to the Happy Couple!!!! May you have a long and wonderful life together.

If Your Name is Craig, You’re Obviously a Conservative

The reasoning in the essay below is – well- faultless…

The following has been written a visiting research/PhD student who has been signed on loan until the end of the season. The views below do not necessarily reflect the views of biblical scholars based in Sheffield. A casual perusal over the names on the Society of Biblical Literature member directory reveals the most interesting results. Did you know that at least 26 biblical scholars are named “Craig”?  The name has Scottish origins and draws fro … Read More

via Sheffield Biblical Studies

Quote of the Day

“Christians must understand most emphatically that the world around us is in conflict with the Word within us.”  — AW Tozer

How To Handle Idolatry

The Jewish Revolt Against Rome

It’s a forthcoming volume edited by the goodly Mladen Popović which includes the following contributions:

Mladen Popović, The Jewish Revolt against Rome: History, Sources and Perspectives
Greg Woolf, Provincial Revolts in the Early Roman Empire
Werner Eck, Die römischen Repräsentanten in Judaea: Provokateure oder Vertreter der römischen Macht?
Andrea M. Berlin, Identity Politics in Early Roman Galilee
Brian Schultz, Not Greeks but Romans: Changing Expectations for the Eschatological War in the War Texts from Qumran
James S. McLaren, Going to War against Rome: The Motivation of the Jewish Rebels
Steve Mason, What is History? Using Josephus for the Judaean-Roman War
Jan Willem van Henten, Rebellion under Herod the Great and Archelaus: Prominent Motifs and Narrative Function
Julia Wilker, Josephus, the Herodians and the Jewish War
Daniel R. Schwartz, Josephus on Albinus: The Eve of Catastrophe in Changing Retrospect
Pieter W. van der Horst, Philosophia epeisaktos: Some Notes on Josephus, A.J. 18.9
Uriel Rappaport, Who Were the Sicarii?
Jodi Magness, A Reconsideration of Josephus’ Testimony about Masada
Robert Deutsch, Coinage of the First Jewish Revolt against Rome: Iconography, Minting Authority, Metallurgy
Donald T. Ariel, Identifying the Mints, Minters and Meanings of the First Jewish Revolt Coins
Jonathan J. Price, The Jewish Population of Jerusalem from the First Century B.C.E. to the Early Second Century C.E.: The Epigraphic Record
George H. van Kooten, The Jewish War and the Roman Civil War of 68–69 C.E.: Jewish, Pagan, and Christian Perspectives

It will cost you a pretty penny. Maybe your library can get it and you can check it out.

Well You Can’t Vote After All…

From Eerdmans-

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a photo to our Anniversary Photo Contest. If you received an email about online voting this morning, please disregard it. Judging will be (as the contest rules have always stated) by the Eerdmans staff; we have now adjusted the settings of our contest app to reflect this. Winners will be announced August 11. While you wait, be sure to check out all the great entries we received!

Um, well, er, I already voted….   That said, I’m glad it’s Eerdmans folks who have to decide.  The rest of the entries can’t possibly muster the massive voter turnout which I can.  First, who reads their blogs (if they have one) and second, even if they did have readers, well let’s face it, my entry is the awesome-est!


The Amazing Tale of the Discovery of the Century: The BAR T-Shirt!

Earlier I posted a stunning photo of a t-shirt found in the Old City of Jerusalem by Joe Zias. Now, Joe tells the story of its discovery in his own words:

Readers here [in Jerusalem] had the opportunity to listen to folk’s musings on ‘Holy Spots’ the other day and the opening of the traditional place where Jesus of Nazareth was baptized by John, and from there he went to the Cave of John in Ein Karem and started doing it himself, according to the BAR crowd in Charlotte and the Rev. Hagee.

Therefore I wish to share with readers the following, which Jim West can vouch for as true.

While walking down the Via Dolorosa (the Way of the Cross) the other day I noticed that the marble plaque at station number IV, where Jesus meets Mary, was gone, ripped from its moorings. I was in shock and painful utter disbelief. This is one of the centuries old 14 stations depicting , for those who believe, that this was the route of Jesus of Nazareth [from trial to crucifixion].

While I pondered these things, asking myself ‘How was this possible? Was the sign Raptured and if so, why was I still here?’, lo and behold, some tourist came stumbling by, wearing one of those BAR t-shirts from the non-prophet. At last, while not Raptured, I knew I had been blessed and given a Sign.

We spoke for a moment and I asked him what had happened to the sign, believing that as usual the BAR crowd was involved (since they like to move Jesus Christ and his brother’s ossuary around whenever possible, depending of course on whether there is a book deal, film, chance of receiving tithes, lecture fees, and etc.).

Speaking of Jesus, according to SJ and JT (as seen on Israeli TV last week), he was in Majorca Spain (not Gadera) doing that swine thing he’s noted for. As a matter of fact, he even left some DNA there, a little more in Talpiot and some more in Charlotte.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the discovery which really matters. The fellow said he shares our pain but this time it wasn’t the folk from BAR but another non-prophet organization which moved the sign on the Via.

He took me a few meters up the path and lo and behold, here was the beautiful missing marble plaque which had been ripped out, showing Jesus meeting Miriam. I now had the feeling however that if the BAR crowd was not involved, that they were ‘on the same page’ as the station was moved a short distance away, adjacent to a recently opened Armenian pizza stand!

Now, I thought, there’s just no need to stand there forlorn, alone, meditating on that tragic event which changed history when one can have a pizza, and an RC cola. I mentioned to the guy that maybe we should change the station from Jesus Christ meets Miriam to, ‘Jesus Christ and his mother have their first pizza’, but he was not amused.

So I pointed out to him that Station number III, ‘Jesus falls (for it) the first time ‘ was next door and called it a day. [My heartfelt apologies to the Roman Catholics for my mockery of the Via].

I’m Envious of Joe Zias

Look at the cool shirt he found in Jerusalem!

And here he is at a distance, showing it off and making me envious-

Lucky guy!  I want a BAR t-shirt showing someone digging!

Christians Keep Being Targeted in Iraq

Barbaric murderers.

Via Yahoo News: Kirkuk, Iraq – Fifteen people were wounded on Tuesday by a car bomb targeting a Syrian Catholic church in Kirkuk in northern Iraq, a police officer and a priest said. The bomb exploded at the Holy Family church in the north of Kirkuk at about 5:30 am (0230 GMT), wounding 15 people including church staff and people in neighbouring houses, the high-ranking officer in the Kirkuk police said. The officer, who spoke on condition of … Read More

via Fr Stephen’s Blog

Not Very Funny Now, is It Mr. Grogan?

What kind of father points a pellet gun at his daughter and shoots at her?  Why a drunk one of course…  And while he may have thought it funny at the time, I bet he doesn’t think it’s such a hoot now.

Donald Grogan, 52, of McCampbell Lane, was released from the Monroe County Jail after posting a $3,000 bond on charges of public intoxication and reckless endangerment, records show. He faces an Aug. 16 court date.  Grogan was arrested Saturday by a Monroe County Sheriff’s Office deputy who was alerted by park rangers with the Cherokee National Forest that a man had shot his daughter, records state. The incident occurred at Warden Fields near Indian Boundary.

His punishment should be having to stand next to a barrier and shot with a pellet gun several times while drunken buffoons stand by and laugh.

“Mr. Grogan did admit to drinking all day,” the officer wrote.  “When I asked him about shooting his daughter with the pellet gun, he stated that she was at the sand pile playing and it was just an amazing shot.”

‘An amazing shot’….  Good grief.  What a wretch.  It’s clearly time for Prohibition to return and all those found guilty of violating drinking laws sent to Texas.

Horror: The Dead Football Players

A rising ninth grade football player at Lamar High School collapsed on the field Saturday and was pronounced dead at a hospital later in the evening.  TyQuan Brantley, 14, was practicing with his team for an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes, not wearing pads on the second day of practice.  As he was leaving the field for the day, the young man collapsed. The coaches called 911 immediately, and he was transported to a hospital but died at the hospital around 7 p.m. Saturday evening.

So sad.  So dreadfully sad.  The moral?  Sometimes, it’s just too hot and humid to play a game!  But when will schools and coaches learn that simple lesson?  Never, apparently.

A high school community in Broward County is mourning the death of a football player who died after collapsing at practice Tuesday.  Sixteen-year-old Isaiah Laurencin will never be able to fulfill his dreams to become a professional football player. “Isaiah pushed himself because he loved the sport. He wanted to be a professional football player,” said his aunt Erica Holmes.  Laurencin collapsed during football practice at Miramar High, just after 5 p.m. Tuesday. His coach called 911, and the teen was transported to Memorial Regional West. “By that time, he already went into cardiac arrest, but when the ambulance got there, they got his pulse back and transferred him to Memorial Regional West,” said Holmes.

Parents, you’re going to have to take charge of your child’s well being.  If it’s too hot out, don’t let them practice.  Their lives are worth more than a game.

Newt and the Twitter Fraud

Really?  Newt?  Are you really that greasy?  Even I, no fan of yours, could not imagine you stooping that low.

Presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich has boasted about his 1.3 million-strong following on Twitter, but a report out Monday suggested a majority of his virtual flock is fake.

“I have six times as many Twitter followers as all the other candidates combined,” Gingrich told the Marietta Daily Journal in an interview published Sunday. He was discussing a Politico report that chalked up the former House Speaker’s Twitter success — he has more than twice as many followers as the social media-savvy Sarah Palin — to his “personal touch” since he “tweets and manages his Twitter feed himself.”

But a former staffer told Gawker that Gingrich, 68, employs agencies that generate fake accounts en masse and that only 10 percent of his followers are genuine — a claim denied by the Gingrich camp.

If true, true political dirtbaggery.  Why would, though, someone make up such a story?

Alright, I Didn’t Realize There Was a Public Vote Stage

But evidently there is.  So go over and vote for my entry so I can win 500$ worth of books.  Please.

UPDATE:  It seems there’s not to be any external voting…  Here’s why.