An Iron Age Tomb at Gath

Aren has generously sent along a copy of

Faerman, M., Boaretto, E., Uziel, J., Maeir, A. M., and Smith, P. 2011 “…In Their Lives, and in Their Death…”: A Preliminary Study of an Iron Age Burial Cave at Tell es-Safi, Israel. Zeitschrift des deutschen Palästina Vereins 127(1): 29–48.

In part

… the recent excavation of an Iron Age burial cave in the
immediate vicinity of Tell es˙-S˙a¯fı¯ / Gath is noteworthy. The recovery of the skeletal remains of over 70 individuals from this burial, which dates to the late Iron Age I / Iron Age II, now provides the first large skeletal sample that can be reliably attributed to a population associated with the Philistine culture. This paper is an initial report on the finds from this tomb, with particular focus on the material and skeletal remains recovered during excavations of this burial cave in the summer of 2006.

Thanks again, Aren!

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4 Responses to An Iron Age Tomb at Gath

  1. Deane says:

    Near Tel es-Safi, not Gath.

    What was the average skeletal height? Any non-human animal burials?


  2. arenmaeir says:

    The tomb is about 200 m away from the Tell, so it is almost for sure used by people who lived on site. The average height for 4 women, based on the measurements of metacarpal bones was 155 cm.
    There were non-human bones but no signs of intentional burial in this tomb.

    Keep in mind that the tomb was badly disturbed.



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