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Drunk People Do Stupid Things

Exhibit Z

A drunk father allegedly allowed his 8 year-old son to drive his pick-up truck on a southeast Louisiana highway on Saturday while he slept, until patrol officers pulled over the boy, police said.

The boy was driving the Chevrolet truck on Interstate 12 near the town of Holden, with his father in the passenger seat and his 4 year-old sister in the back seat, Louisiana State Police said in a statement. A passing motorist noticed the pick-up truck was being driven erratically and called police.

When Louisiana state troopers pulled over the truck in Livingston Parish, they found the 8 year-old boy behind the wheel and interviewed the father, 28 year-old Billy Joe Madden of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, police said.

Joel Watts is from Louisiana but when the drunks began to outnumber the sane people he moved to West Virginia. Only those who, like Lot’s wife, have looked back at Sodom and been frozen into besotted pillars of salt have remained in that godforsaken hovel of ignorance and misdeed. Like Billy Joe Madden.

What the ‘Magic Flute’ Can Teach us About the Moment of Crisis

In this fantastic section of Mozart’s God given opera ‘The Magic Flute’ we learn a bit of theology. That is, at the very moment of crisis rescue appears and then, blessedness and fulfillment follow.

Mozart too is among the theologians.

Angry Atheists Don’t Know Zwingli Either

A link here from some atheist discussion page brought to my attention a little essay about Zwingli which was not only rife with errors but grossly so.

I’m not providing the link to the essay because such rubbish doesn’t deserve any attention.  I mention it only to point out that if the angry atheists are as ignorant in general as they are about Zwingli, they really do need help tying their shoes and finding the door.

If you want to know about Zwingli, his history, his theology, and his influence, don’t ask an angry atheist.  They are bereft of knowledge.

Adopt-a-Dead Sea Scroll (?)

They are among the most famous pieces of writing in the world – and for £1,200, you can adopt a page.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were found in a cave in Qumran on the West Bank in 1947, and have spawned countless books and theories about early Christians and the life of Jesus.  The Friends of the Israel Antiquities Authority is offering the scrolls up for adoption. There are 15,000 fragments and it costs upwards of £1,200 to have one as your own.


A dedication plaque with the name of a fragment’s ‘parent’ will be displayed with it when it is exhibited.  Jacob Fisch, from the Friends of Israel Antiquities Authority in New York, said: ‘The scheme is designed to raise money for conservation, cleaning and high-resolution photography of the scrolls.

Scheme.  That pretty much says it all.  Where’s all the money going that’s been poured into Scroll projects all these years?  I’m all for preserving them but at over $1700 a page just to have your name on a plaque?

Any Disguise is a Good Disguise in Alabama…

Authorities say a woman who dressed like a man and drew a beard on her face has robbed an Alabama bank.

Police say the suspect robbed the Cottondale branch of the Bank of Tuscaloosa and she may have been involved in another bank heist earlier this month.

Witnesses told officers she had a “drawn on” beard when she entered the bank. Police say she told tellers she had a bomb and demanded money after placing a device on a counter.

Oh boy…  I’m guessing she graduated from the University of Alabama…  Roll Tide…

For the Drinkers, the Tea Drinkers That Is

I’ve found a really fantastic tea at the Teavana in Knoxville.  It’s called JavaVana.

Start off every morning treating yourself to a healthier version of a cup of Joe. Bold black Assam tea, and multi-fired mate merge with chocolate and cappuccino then are mellowed out with a luxurious creamy vanilla and blended into a caffeinated confection of mocha coffee-like wonder.   Rich coffee-like infusion with creamy cocoa vanilla overtones.

It’s fantastical.

An Iron Age Tomb at Gath

Aren has generously sent along a copy of

Faerman, M., Boaretto, E., Uziel, J., Maeir, A. M., and Smith, P. 2011 “…In Their Lives, and in Their Death…”: A Preliminary Study of an Iron Age Burial Cave at Tell es-Safi, Israel. Zeitschrift des deutschen Palästina Vereins 127(1): 29–48.

In part

… the recent excavation of an Iron Age burial cave in the
immediate vicinity of Tell es˙-S˙a¯fı¯ / Gath is noteworthy. The recovery of the skeletal remains of over 70 individuals from this burial, which dates to the late Iron Age I / Iron Age II, now provides the first large skeletal sample that can be reliably attributed to a population associated with the Philistine culture. This paper is an initial report on the finds from this tomb, with particular focus on the material and skeletal remains recovered during excavations of this burial cave in the summer of 2006.

Thanks again, Aren!

I Don’t Believe in False Hope

So I don’t believe a word of what Mr Ackerman has to say in his Slate essay.

Dire warnings of a crisis serve the interests of both Democrats and Republicans as they try to bludgeon one another into a last-minute deal on the debt ceiling. But that doesn’t mean the warnings are valid. There is zero—and I mean zero—chance that the United States will default on its debt even under the worst-case scenario.

So what?  America’s credit rating will take a hit and everyone will end up paying more interest.  Perhaps Mr Ackerman has plenty of money and a few hundred more dollars a year won’t bother him but for the millions of poor Americans, every dollar matters.

Naturally Washington doesn’t care about the poor- it’s too busy seeking new donations…

Mr Ackerman is a peddler of false hope.  We call it snake oil.  Just like the politics of Washington.

A Report You Must Hear

On NPR this morning

What impact will the debt ceiling turmoil have on the financial markets? Host Scott Simon talks with former Reagan budget director David Stockman, who predicts some panic ahead.

He talks about much more than just that.  His is the only sane, rational, and intelligent discussion on the entire subject I’ve yet heard.  I wish Stockman were in Washington and in charge.

When Interest Rates Go Up…

I’m sending a bill to Congress to make up the difference between what I have been paying and what I’ll have to pay in the new post-debt ceiling era. It’s completely their fault and they should pay the price.  Not just at the polls either.


Oprah Winfrey is repackaging her now-ended daytime talk show to make it a key part of the lineup for OWN, her struggling cable channel.  Winfrey said Friday she will host the new series that will recycle episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” as a “classroom” intended to help viewers improve their lives. The show, titled “Own Your Life,” will air weekdays at 8 p.m. ET starting Oct. 10.

How long before she starts her own religion?  With her, of course, as its god.  Re-airing re-runs of a lame show and calling it a classroom is like bloggers too lazy to post new stuff so they drag up some slather from the recycle bin and call it a ‘re-post’.  And how would such shows help viewers improve their lives (unless she gave them all a new car or house or something)?

Blah.  Lame self promotion.